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  1. Wazoo says in his announcement: "Messages which may be reported: There are several types of responses to forged email that SpamCop has in the past prohibited. However, these messages have become a big enough problem that we now allow them to be reported as the spam that they technically are. Examples of messages in this category: Misdirected bounces Misdirected virus notifications Misdirected vacation emails Misdirected challenges from challenge/response spam filtering systems " I would like a good, clear description of 'misdirected bounces'. Previously any bounce could not be reported - now some can be reported - I need to know which ones can be reported. I still get bounces, usually sent by a mail-washer type program - is this reportable?
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    Why does SC forum send me a cookie without asking permission? If I deny permission, (refuse cookies) can I still post to the forum?