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    mailhost configuration order

    when you add a mailhost you type in email address, and a name, and then you go to the next page where you can choose which mailhost ips you report, next to every mailhost there is something like this: [ ] xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (pri 10) [ ] xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (pri 20) for example... this reminds me of something else, is there IPv6 support? because IPv6 people can spam too, you know, i never heard of it yet, but IPv6 is 128bits so there are lots of IPv6 adresses available, plus, they are always static. a /64 subnet can have about 4000000000 times the number of IPs there are now... and most common subnets are /48 which can hold 64000 times the number of those subnets... so, alot of addresses, and since I'm probably going to configure my mailhost at IPv6 as well, maybe lotsa people will...
  2. alien999999999

    mailhost configuration order

    I understand; so it is possible, but it may not be always correct... I'll change the config of spamassassin... and look if all mails are properly reported. when i was reading the pinned things, some questions came up, i've never seen this "quick reporting", how would i enable it? I do understand that alot of these pinned messages are about this thing, and i realize that i'd have to make sure first that all mails are correctly done. and one last unanswered question, when using the mailhost system, there is a '(pri value)' shown next to mailhosts, I wonder what that is? and lastly this thing about the ordering of mailhosts, is there a possibility that this will be changed? after all, if it's a database, only and additional 'ORDER BY ...' is needed?.
  3. alien999999999

    mailhost configuration order

    ok, so if i understand correctly, it means that my setup is good now... Oh i didn't know that you can't recognize spamassassin mails, I will try and find the spamassasin configure things and disable that... maybe it would be nice if you could find the original mail in the spamassassin, that would be a nice feature... also, the order of listing in mailhosts are kind of confusing, maybe it's also not such a bad idea to make the listing in the way you set them up, or alphabetical... i don't know why in the dropdown list with the delete button, they are listed in a curious order, generally the 'please select one' is defaultly selected (which it's not), and is on top (which it's not either). I'm sorry that i can't report the mail again, because i don't have the mail anymore, oh well, better luck next time...
  4. alien999999999

    mailhost configuration order

    I read it, but ok, i'll read it again... I do have one report that says 'cannot find IP' since i did this mailhosting thing... http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z696137740z37...11160b81fe43d3z
  5. I have difficulties about which mailhosts to report first... but i have tried to report them in order as i thought it right. secondly, now that i reported it, there seems to be no particular order in the display of the mailhosts... and thirdly what is pri ? -- my setup: I have only one ISP: Chello all mails from here go through their SMTP mailhost, but i don't really use an email from them directly, so i didn't do this one first... the first one is my own mailing server here (The Hive), this one i done first, since, all my mails go through my own mail server... then i posted the mail from Chello, because it is sent through my SMTP server (which sends all mail to Chello's SMTP server), I pick up the mail from it via fetchmail and it is delivered to my local user on my own mail server then i have an old ISP (Telenet) of which i still have an email address, i gather the emails with fetchmail also and deliver them to my local user as well... then i have an address from school (GroepT), that one i let them forward it to my Telenet address... then i have a sourceforge.net account, which i let them forward it to my Telenet address as well. (I've used the sourceforge.net account to register here). now, the pri values from all these were between 0 and 100 (including both of them). and the listing in the mailhosts is: - Telenet - The Hive - Chello - GroepT - SF.net I have not found any logical order to it... plus if I go to the delete list, in the delete list, the order is like this: - Telenet - The Hive - Please select an option... - - Chello - GroepT - SF.net this is quite weird, why is there 2of those above the Please select an option, and the others at the bottom...? thanks in advance
  6. alien999999999

    Forged bounce messages

    I'm receivind some of these as well, and also I'm receiving spam mails which have 2 links in the body, and nothing else, i'm receiving those constantly and they are reportable... I also get alot of hotmail-alike mails, they aren't spam, but I'm getting mails which appear not to be sent to me, but are deliberatly sent to me; they are the type of: "you changed your hotmail password successfully, your message can't be delivered by hotmail.com etc... spam is really too much, these days...
  7. alien999999999

    spamcop recognized spam as bounce

    shouldn't mailing lists first have to ask a person to confirm with email if he want's on it? I don't have the mail anymore, so i forget what it was... - but i do remember that it's not from a mailing list i signed up on - that it definately is not a bounce, allthough it was reported as such - i am using the mailhost settings - this is not the only one: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z664764154zdb...2d2c372e82fbd1z is another one, very similar, and it should not be reported as a bounce. a question to be sure: how do i really know if i am using the mailhost system completely and not both?
  8. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z664222619z4e...1d32504a458c5bz this link, it's fresh spam, and i want it to be recognized as such, it's not because it's sent by abuse that it isn't spam... how do you guys stop spam if you don't recognize it...