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  1. When did level 3 become black hat?
  2. quote spamcop - routeid: 75513855 - to: harveyduan@tencent.com Administrator interested in all reports [Note added by (s0106f87b8c43334b.ss.shawcable.net)] Route added without comment quote apnic - Abuse contact for ' -' is 'ipas@cnnic.cn'
  3. Dunno, now its wokking just fine, ...
  4. So I submitted: After about 10 or 15 minutes of "connecting".
  5. Mailchimp (and a few other mass emailers) take abuse of their services very serious.
  6. But spamcop reports to forged-ip@don.spamcop.net ? So computers which use a DOD IP address are immune to being hacked? I gotta get one. (Above is tongue in cheek.)
  7. It was a manual add to a report on a phishing scam using their name and logo so there was no detailing as to the why the address was abuse#capitalone.com[at]devnull.spamcop.net
  8. If you go to their front page, go to the Contact Us page, on the page it says: "Report Suspicious Emails Help us combat fraud... report it to abuse[at]capitalone.com."
  9. Great Gasby's, the darn message tells you what to do, can't the parser be taught to change where it's supposed to search?
  10. That one is a bad example, NOW, in regards to parsing lookup. Domain was valid when the messages was submitted. Whether or not the link is valid, parser ought to be detecting the link, then attempting to resolve it, with the report stating it's invalid if it don't get a valid IP from the lookup. It's not doing that.
  11. https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6179182503z6e88e62b494bd448b916c4b4b328ec1fz
  12. cwg

    Discarded as fake

    I know this is an slightly old post, but you can restrict / cap usage of a DNS server by requester IP address.
  13. It's just yahoo originating email, any email message for the past few weeks that comes from a yahoo server is not link parsing. Does not matter whether I use the "outlook/eudora workaround form" or the "all in one", links are not parsing.
  14. The most perculiar the last few times I've submitted spam from a yahoo account, the system will NOT detect ANY links that are visible in the message, what's up with that?