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  1. I notice now that just about all emails received from Hotmail have different IPV6 addresses, usually on the very first line of the headers. I've done the mailhost several times, and logged several different IPV6 (internal Hotmail servers) addresses. Any new spam reports, odds are high that it will still get flagged by spamcop as sourced by Hotmail, which is incorrect, because the IPV6 is different again. I usually delete just the first line, the one with the IPV6 address, and from that point, spamcop seems to parse ok most of the time. The issue is that Hotmail has hundreds, if not thousands, of IPV6 addresses used by their mail servers, and spamcop cannot know all of them. Doing the mailhosts process over and over every time is a huge waste of time because one just gets another spam routed via some different Hotmail server. The problem comes about of course, because Hotmail (live.com) is converting to IPV6. It will be hard to keep track of all this stuff. I just wonder how many IPV6 they actually use... Do we have to keep doing the mailhost process over and over? Is there some other solution like a different submit form that we flag as having come from Hotmail in the first place?