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  1. siliconman

    Gmail Invitations

    I have 100 as well.
  2. siliconman

    Free Unix account (more or less)

    according to: http://www.freeshell.org/index.cgi?faq?HACKER?07 ssh is available. You have to pay $36 to become an arpa member to get ssh access.
  3. siliconman

    Forum / FAQ / data changes

    Some people will just always prefer NNTP over HTML...
  4. siliconman

    Reporting Forwarded Spam

    Yes, way back when Julian handled the email side, there was a URL inserted into the headers which allowed you to report a particular piece of mail as spam. When JT took over, Julian no longer has access to the original mails, and so can't pre-load them into the system any more. Maybe if you guys didn't keep burning the bridges to the NNTP crowd, you would have had someone from the old days here to answer that question more directly.
  5. siliconman

    Star Wars III, hottest actress??

    What, no links. Naughty boy
  6. siliconman

    Forum configuration

    IMO the ill will never evaporated at all, but wasn't visible because noone asked. There have been many improvements to the web based forums since I last checked them out, so I'm going to give them a shot for a while. I'm sure part of it is that people used to NNTP (In particular used to thier NNTP clients) do not see the web forums as offering anything of value over the NNTP groups. (save for more participation) This is of course a matter of opinion.