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    DeskScop 0.9 released

    Ah, sorry. Don't think I was spamming the forum. :-) I've been a user of SpamCop for some time; I wrote the app in my spare time; the app is free. I posted the link as I thought it might be of use to some other users. I imagined most people who were interested in the idea would follow the link to learn the answers to your other questions! Take it or leave it, as it were. In short, the app retrieves email by screen-scraping the VER reporting system. Ugly, ugly, ugly, but it works. It has an advantage over the VER reporting system in that a) you can process multiple messages with different actions in one go (ie. report some messages and forward some messages in one click without having to request two pages from the VER system) and it may or may not be easier to use than the VER reporting system. Personally, I find it easier to use but it's not much of an improvement yet. All the best, A
  2. It's a little tool for using SpamCop's reporting service from your desktop in Windows, and may be of use. http://www.lothianproductions.co.uk/deskscop/ It's certainly been of some use to me! HTH A
  3. afitzpatrick

    SpamCop automation from the desktop?

    Maybe I wasn't clear enough! It's not a tool for blanket reporting of all messages; it's a tool that aims to make it easier to review and then process each held message. In response to ahnah, there's an early version of the application available here: http://www.lothianproductions.co.uk/deskscop Please give it a go, and I'd appreciate any feedback you have. Thanks, A
  4. I've been a SpamCop account holder for some time and it's been very handy service for me. However, over the last few months the amount of spam that I've been receiving (and the amount of spam that SpamCop has been catching) has increased dramatically. Checking my held mail frequently is time-consuming and slightly painful through the existing web interface. I've created a little application that reads my held mail and lets me process it in a slightly more flexible manner. I'd like to use this application and I'd also like to make it freely available to other users of SpamCop if it's of any use to them. I thought it would probably be a good idea to post this before I upload the tool or start using it much myself, as I'm sure the powers that be would like to have an idea what it will do to their system! At the moment the tool retrieves data from SpamCop by scraping the "VER" web interface. It's just as efficient as the web interface in that it makes the same number of requests, and I've built the application in a way that could let me replace the fragile screen-scraping with a POP check or some such. If anyone on the team has any concerns I'll be happy to send them the source code. Cheers, A