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  1. Ah. It's the scri_pt I'm using to upload the spam to SpamCop. I thought it was SpamCop itself. Thanks.
  2. https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6451136607z68621d5675ffd8ed0405ad450cc1e096z
  3. Why does the content need to be omitted in source view? It's just displaying the raw source; it shouldn't be parsing the code in any case. The content being omitted makes it really difficult to determine which addresses to report to in many cases. For instance, SpamCop will often suggest reportphishing@apple.com as a report-to address, but the emails in question are usually not phishing attempts (at least for my AppleID), so I don't want to misreport. But that's impossible to tell when I can't see the actual content of the message.