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  1. I can't even understand how to configure mailhost for my own home address, so how in the world am I going to get past that and figure out how to set up my forwarders? what are those test thingies, and what do those numbers & letters mean? huh? and what the heck does "properly filter your headers on your mailing list" mean? I do have a mailing list, but I have no idea what filters in the headers are, let alone how to set them up! or even what you're talking about I guess I'll just have to quit using spam Cop, even though I'm a paid member, since I can't understand English, and there is NOBODY here to help me! (cuss word, cuss word, cuss word!) quoting the instructions that I did not understand is NOT helpful -- I still don't understand them what a bummer! ~~~~~~~~~~
  2. busby777

    Earthlink now blocked?

    I'm really ticked off about Earthstink constantly getting blocked by spam Cop -- and I am a PAID spam Cop member. They should at least be able to figure out that a reply to an e-mail couldn't possibly be spam. Earthstink rotates the IP, so many people share the same IP, and if I sign off and log in again, I'll probably get a different IP. When it comes to something like Earthstink, which has thousands of users, there ought to be a way to block a specific e-mail addy, not the whole ISP! I AM ANGRY (that's why I'm shouting!) ~~~~~~~~