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    Spam vs the Right to Communicate

    It should have been clear from my post that I was advised of nothing from my server. It took days to get an ICQ link with my colleague in the Ukraine and get the Spamcop block confirmation of what was going on. Days of lost work programming. I have contacted my server today and expect to hear from them tomorrow. Apart from that I stand by all of my points made. Any network policing the net in collusion with my server without advising me of a damn thing obviously does not get a ringing endorsement from me. I find the situation obvious--individual rights to communicate are being disregarded. I find this idea that I should chase down every blockage and deal with my server to put so and so on a white list or whatever ludicrous. Most of the people on the net I know deal with spam without feeling they have to go on a crusade about it. Thousands a day? Tough. Find some way to deal with it that does not damage, block, or interfere with the right of others to communicate . I have lost two days, counting, of email work and was not advised my right to receive email was essentially being officially hacked. What assurances are there that these reccomendations that such and such an ISP is spamming are 100% authentic, or that it is not open to abuse? or simply wrong? spam isnt the problem for me right now--spam "cop" and my server is. I didn't vote for the net to be policed thanks. S.
  2. Sirs, I have recently had my working relationship with a colleague in the Ukraine completely disrupted by Spamcop cancelling all emails from him to my server here in Canada. I quote a pertinent part of Spamcop's rationale here: "Before you start getting upset just remember what brought you here. Your email was blocked, not by Spamcop but the ISP of the person you were sending your email to. Spamcop has no control over what they do with their servers." This is a disingenuous argument for the simple reason that communication is being cancelled between clients of servers, without notice given. Without Spamcop blockage, innocent users like myself and my collegue would not have our right to communicate violated in the name of your "war on spam." Your service I believe will backfire insofar as people like myself on the receiving end have no recourse in dealing with a server in the Ukraine or wherever... what I have been active doing is contacting my server strongly urging them to drop your services as my right to communicate with a colleague, someone I work with on the internet as a fellow designer, is being interfered with, and as a corollary, my right to make a living using the net is being damaged by your interference. I urge all people in my situation on the receiving end of blocked emails returned to someone emailing you indicating they were "spam Blocked" by Spamcop, to contact their servers and point out the obvious: Spamcop's service and rationale for blockage causes a far more serious violation of individual rights than the inconvenience of spam. Fight spam some other way and leave the right to communicate untouched. This cannot be tolerated on the internet. Stauffenberg