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  1. my IP is listing shows only spamtrap, no reports. I've read most of the FAQ's. This is all kinda confusing to me. I was on an open relay black list a few weeks ago. I've patched windows and exchange 2000 and enabled strong passwords. Got off the orbl. have ran tests and am reasonably sure we don't have an open relay. But I can't seem to get off Spamcop's list. We have clients we can't respond to and we're losing business. Please help me figure out what I'm missing, doing wrong, or whatever. Any comments, questions, or instructions that will lead me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Please help me figure out

    Thank you for your knowledge and assistance! I appreciate your working with me.
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    Please help me figure out

    HOLY #$%* ! I can't believe I missed that! I'm embarassed. I've got a VP with a handspring device; will disabling SMTP AUTH cut off his email?
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    Please help me figure out

    By SMTP AUTH hack, you mean compromised password / account ?
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    Please help me figure out

    I thought I'd covered them. Can you tell what I missed?