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  1. Yesterday, I reported a spam message I received that included blackmail. I.e. I was asked to supply money to a bitcoin address to prevent information on my "sexual preferences" being sent to my friends, etc. I'm not worried about the threat because these "preferences" are news to me and nothing (that's real) exists that could cause me any embarrassment, but I found this annoying enough to find spamcop and want to fight back. I've sent a report but I'm afraid a lot of the terminology used here is too advanced for my limited computer knowledge, so please forgive my 'idiot' questions. I tried some help pages that brought up captions saying the pages no longer exist! I have a report ID and it seems details have been sent to: abuse@hostingperte.it but use of my tracking URL causes me to see the words "Reports regarding this spam have already been sent". Does this mean that the administrator of the network where the email originates has received other reports of exactly the same spam, as well as receiving my report? Should I expect to hear anything else about this in response? If not, is there any way that I can discover whether any action has been taken? In view of the blackmail element, it would be nice to think that there could potentially be serious consequences for the perpetrator but I suppose that's a lot to hope for? I'd be very grateful for any reply that helps clarify these points!