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  1. Mr. Underwood thus spoke: > That can happen when your ISP's server gets listed. > To determine exactly why your messages are being > held, you need to look at the headers of the held > message, specifically the x-spamcop-* ones at the > bottom of the headers. Oh, but it's not just email that would be from my server, it's email from all over. Are these the headers you speak of: > X-spam-Checker-Version: > SpamAssassin 3.0.0 (2004-09-13) on blade6 > X-spam-Level: > X-spam-Status: hits=0.2 tests=NO_REAL_NAME version=3.0.0 > X-SpamCop-Checked: > X-SpamCop-Disposition: Blocked bl.spamcop.net This particular email is from an online form containing a sendmail scri_pt. Yes, it is our server (Sprintlink) however, the first IP noted in the "SpamCop-Checked" is from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) in California noting: > IANA Special Use > NameServer: BLACKHOLE-1.IANA.ORG > NameServer: BLACKHOLE-2.IANA.ORG > Comment: This block is reserved for special purposes. > Comment: Please see RFC 1918 for additional information. specifically named "BLACKHOLE" ... I guess meaning the server is for some reason black listed. It should NOT be blacklisted. Do the headers indicate that our server is black listed????? Of course, the problem wasn't JUST mail from my ISP, it was a number of different mails from other ISPs elsewhere. One family of email now being filtered is a listserv I've subscribed to for ages. I even made a folder for that list, and a local 'rule' that would move the list mail into the folder. Obviously SpamCop pulls "spam" before referring to the local user's filters. No, I don't agree with you that it's "your ISP's server gets listed" Then you said: > Also, If you release and whitelist a message, other messages > from that same address will NOT be automatically released. > You need to do that manually. What does that mean? What does the system "whitelist" if not the address? If this condition is going to be the defacto, ongoing condition, how can I "whitelist" the good mail?
  2. YES! SpamCop gone bonkers... What's going on? I just spent an hour weeding through all the spam ... finding GOOD mail in the "Held Mail" folder. (SpamCop has NEVER done this before!) *** EVEN email I have set filters for is NOT being filtered. *** EVEN email I have clicked "Release and Whitelist" I found a half dozen in the spam folder, and on each one I clicked "Release and Whitelist" ... one is from a frequent listserv I subscribe to. An hour later, there were MORE of them in the spam folder. What can I do to get SpamCop interface to begin properly filtering again. ?????
  3. The "Help" post "Getting Mail out of spam Cop" says to use: pop.spamcop.net with user name and ID but it doesn't work. I'm using the full ID - showker[at]spamcop.net, along with the same password I use to access the webmail.spamcop.net but the mail does not get checked. I'm using Eudora on a Macintosh. Fred
  4. showker

    SpamCop cannot filter "strange" characters

    Sorry, can't use it. I'm on Macintosh. Thanks for your other comments.
  5. Sorry if this is posted to the wrong forum. I posted an inquiry about "Weird Characters" once before, and other forum people said Since I didn't give an example, there was no way to respond. In a search this morning I could not find that post. So, here's the response... I've posted an example of the spam which always gets through See: http://www.60-Seconds.com/articles/spam_foreign.gif and note the TOP 4 spams. I've been reporting these kinds of spams since SpamCop first opened. But they always return, and they always elude the SpamCop filters. 1) What are they? 2) Why do they get through? 3) What can we do about them DISCUSSION: * I attempted to "Find" on a string in the subject line... SpamCop reported "Not Found" So evidently SpamCop software can't recognize the characters. * I attempted to build my own filter for such characters, but the filters don't find them. There are always several each time I log in -- sometimes several dozen in a 24-hour period. There should be a way to set a filter for "foreign" characters, so that all of these could be squashed. I just wish I had a filter that sends a million requests to the advertised domain each time one of those hits my mailbox. And, don't mention anything about "innocent" ... if they were innocent they wouldn't be sending the rubbish to my address. :-) Fred See: http://www.60-Seconds.com/articles/163.html
  6. That's why it's so important to somehow introduce "human" spam fighters into the anti-UCE model. Spammers embedding a JPG have learned it's one sure-fire way to circumvent the spam filters. I strongly advocated that the "Big 5" ISPs set up a small anti-UCE task force that would begin analyzing spam to discover the real criminals. They all turned away, and continued spending money on obviously ineffective spam methods. I believe the "Big 5" ISPs actually don't want to stop spam -- but rather see it as contributing to their revenue stream. I suspect they count spammers and spam messages amongst their Advertising Rates statistics to bolster their ad rates for "views". Why else would they allow it to go on? Knowing they've got the resources to stop it dead in its tracks??? Anyone who believes AOL, Yahoo or MSN couldn't stop spam dead in its tracks is working for the other side.
  7. showker

    Is it really doing any good?

    I believe it is doing some good -- and I feel it is my internet "civic" duty to keep on reporting. ** CONSIDER THIS ** Of the number of email users in my time zone, if 10% of them reported their spam each morning at 8 AM, chances are, the spammer's server would be inundated with complaints. If 20% reported their spam each morning at 8 AM, chances are there would be sufficient traffic to that site to cause an innocent (therefore legal) denial of service. The spammer would get the message real quick. The problem is, SpamCop does not usually do a very good job of reporting or replying to THE ACTUAL SPAMMER, but rather targets the IP which the spammer 'used' -- which can in all likelihood be different for most recipients. I wish there were some way spam fighters could form a coalition and REPORT spam via SpamCop, then COMPARE their results amongst themselves. I postulate that we would discover SpamCop sending complaints to DIFFERENT IP owners, since the spammers frequently change the target IP during spam attacks. HOWEVER, I also guess that the target DOMAIN (ie: the "Advertiser") link is always the SAME. Therefore if there were some way to target the ADVERTISER in the spam, we'd be shutting them down rather quickly. For instance: While analyzing spam over a period of several days, I find anywhere from a dozen to several hundred spams all linking to the SAME domain. However each and every spam is from a DIFFERENT sender, at a DIFFERENT IP address, using a DIFFERENT SMTP. They would all seem to be "different" spammers and spam, however since they ALL link to the SAME "Advertiser" it is obvious the Advertiser is the criminal. Targeting the ADVERTISER would be the magic formula to ending as much as 50% of the spam we receive today, and would send a strong signal to the others slipping through. Too bad we can't do that.
  8. I thought ... "Wow! That Lycos Screen Saver must really be working" because my spam had dropped to just a few. (Normally about 200 to 300 per 12-hour period.) But I got suspicious when mail sent TO the target address didn't get Popped INTO the SpamCop account, as usual. So, I went onto the POP server and looked at the target account and there are THOUSANDS of spams and good mail in there from as far back as December 13. OH NO! It's so many I can't deal with them. Why did SpamCop stop retrieving the mail from the Target mailbox??? How can I get it back up and running again??? Fred (Please be patient... I can only log in here at certain times, so it may be a day or two before I can peek back in. Thanks)
  9. showker

    SpamCop Stopped POPping Mail

    I had no idea this would start such a thread! Not knowing a single thing about anything you guys are talking about, I went in on Saturday and changed the passwords to the POP account, then re-pointed SpamCop to the new ID/Password. This seems to have worked just fine, because on Sunday morning, my SpamCop "Held Mail" had like 1,200 spams in it.... and a couple hundred each 12 hours since. So one solution to SpamCop stopping popping is to simply change the password to the target email account, then re-enter it in the SpamCop > Options pane. THank you all for your help. ANOTHER problem resolved. Fred
  10. Since the SpamCop is working very well for me... about 2 to 5 spams slip through out of about 800 daily, I'd like to roll in a second address. Instead of subscribing to a second SpamCop email account it would be better for me to retrieve all the mail from TWO DIFFERENT ADDRESSES through the same interface. Can this be done? (Don't mind an extra charge) How do you do it? My "User Group" address, showker[at]user-groups.net is getting nearly as much spam as my graphic-design.com address. Thanks Fred
  11. I say that because in the "POP" email help, it was the same answers over and over, all of which never worked. I gave up. Figured out I'll just have to resolve myself to retrieving the mail manually. Now I have another problem, we'll see how that goes.
  12. EXCELLENT... Thanks for the FIRST actual working answer I've received in these forums... Have now gladly doubled spam reporting from another POP I had given up on. Bravo Fred
  13. showker

    Code Included In Spam Messages

    I keep getting these spams that are totally unreadable, composed of odd strings of characters and symbols which look like some kind of encoding or foreign language. There are dozens of them. spam Cop gets them all but a few, which are ALWAYS in the inbox. Generally they don't contain anything but more weird code, sometimes nothing at all -- message area is empty. What are they? Chinese Terrorists? Virus? What? How do I prevent them - block them, or filter them? Thanks Fred
  14. Jeff said: > POP3 Server: pop.spamcop.net ( via mail.cesmail.net at present) > User ID: showker[at]spamcop.net > Password: insertyoursecretpasswordhere > The last two of those should be exactly the same as what > works for you on Webmail. tried that many times, get "ERR Login Failed" Using Eudora 5.1 on a Macintosh I think the problem is the ID being showker[at]spamcop.net I don't think Eudora likes the "[at]" in the ID name. Just a hunch. Has anyone come up with a Eudora method? Thanks Fred
  15. NO... I could never figure out how to get back here until now. It kept rejecting my ID/Password... until I realized this is a DIFFERENT ID/Password from my account. No, I never got the situation resolved. My "GOOD" mail is either pent up hostage in the SpamCop email box, or I "forward" the really important ones to my regular box -- which is a royal pain. I've read all the EUDORA/Mac tutorials and instructions -- set it up dozens of times with all the variations both POP and IMAP and it still says "ERR Login Failed" ... I've tried it both ways, giving the "showker" as the ID and the "showker[at]spamcop.net" as the ID. The password shouldn't change. Tried both those options logging into both mail.spamcop.net (original instructions) then imap.spamcop.net (2nd instructions) with both with/without domain in ID. Neither works. All I need is a simple, step by step on what to put into each field in the "Personalities" interface. If I just tell SpamCop to FORWARD my "good" mail, that forwards everything in the INBOX instantly, right? So I also get the spam that SpamCop didn't catch... usually three or four out of several hundred each day. I really like the service... see: http://www.60-seconds.com/169_spamcop.html but darn, it would be nice to get the good mail in my regular mail box. :-) Suggestions?