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    attaching photos

    During the week I am on the computer 8-4pm pretty much all day. If you guys need someone to do some live testing I can do it. trelken[at]spamcop.net BTW, I just tried to send an attachment (from home) and it worked, but 2 hours ago on another pc (which worked last week) it wouldn't work. Random problems are a bitch to track down.
  2. Trentk

    attaching photos

    Wazoo, I don't know what other information you want me to give you. I gave the file types, sizes, OS, browser and I also said that I know how to use the attachment as I have been using it without a single problem for almost a year. I guess I could video tape me trying to attach the file, sending it, then checking my sent items to see that the attachment was stripped out? Yes, I have tried it from 3 different ISP's all with the same effect. I only use spamcop through the web interface so I can't say whether or not I can send an attachment through another method. I can you tell that I can send email attachments just fine through another email account that I have with another service that uses the same horde interface. Thanks for the input.
  3. Trentk

    attaching photos

    Thanks, I have read that thread and nothing in there has helped me. Everything was working super last week and then this week it stopped working. nothing has changed for me. Same ISP, same OS, same everything. I have tried Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 Server. I am always using IE 6.0 or greater. Up until this week i have had zero problems and I have sent many hundreds of attachments in the past few months. Thanks, Trent
  4. Trentk

    attaching photos

    In the past 4 days I have not been able to send any attachments through webmail. The attachments are stripped from the email and the email is sent without the attachment. I have tried gifs, jpgs, .pdf, word files and more. Attempts have been made with one attachment at a time with file sizes from 15kb to 200kb. We aren't talking some 10MB attachments here, just simple everyday stuff. Please help.