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  1. both links parse correctly for me and both would report to Report spam to: Re: (Bounce) To: abuse@virtono.com (Notes) I don't know if @Richard W or @Lking or another forum admin could figure out where your "nothing to do" problem lies... several years ago Don D'Minion (3rd message in following thread: added a yahoo host to the account, but from what I understand, you have no mailhosts in your account (neither have I FWIW) so the problem must lie elsewhere... Richard and Lking, sorry for the ping if it's not netiquette and I apologize.
  2. that is odd, as I get the same as KNERD 🤔 (except that since he already submitted it, I don't get the report link) I don't know what to say, except that there might be something going on if you have hosts set up in spamcop...
  3. @mrpHil, Thank you very much for this huge pile of garbage (AKA spam) in this thread. Instead of plastering the whole message, it would be much more helpful if you could instead just post the "TRACKING URL" you get at the top of the parsing screen: it is much cleaner and only the relevant portions can be checked instead of having to scroll through 500 pages of garbage (ok, I am exaggerating) to see if something else was written after the spam... Please keep this in mind for future references. Also, keep in mind that this is a user 2 user forum where we are trying to be helpful, but it also requires people asking for help to adhere to certain cordialities. If I'm not mistaken, you have been asked to do so before, and back in 2019 you used to be able to provide the tracking URL... what happened? ok, so much for my rant. BTW, the last spam message you posted above, parsed perfectly for me, without the "nothing to do" comment. (I had to change the dates since the spam was too old to parse, but it worked flawlessly.) the tracking URL I provided isn't said spam, it's one of mine that I just added to provide an TRACKING URL example. OK, I'm adding the cancelled /modified tracking URL of yours: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6702363904z190a86012cfc516994d82403ab85eea9z
  4. RobiBue

    Google Network a Frequent Source of spam

    hopping on late on the train here, but I would like to clarify something about these links (mentioned as spam): links in the spam message do not necessarily mean that the "owner of the linked website" is spamming. It just means that the spammer a) is using a web-address from to include in the spam message b) added a "disclaimer" that links to a real disclaimer from an innocent party c) could truly be linking to the website for access to the spam content (but tbh with google, twitter, and so on it is rather unlikely) These are the reasons why Google does not want those reports... if you feel that the report is legit, you can drop google directly an abuse complaint through their website (I am sure they have a way listed somewhere) HTH
  5. Hello rdorsch, I am certain you are not the first one to report his own domain, and probably won't be the last. there is a reason why spamcop "kind-of" suggests not to report linked websites in the spam body, as spammers inject addresses of several "innocent" websites/domains, and you were the unfortunate recipient of such a spam. also, links in spams are not "counted" as spam origins and thus not blocked (AFAICR) but that does not necessarily mean that if the domain's upstream IP listed abuse desk receives a "complaint"/report that they won't act upon it. currently I see that the abuse desk is "/dev/nul"ed reports are disabled for contabo punkt DE which means that the link will not be sent to the abuse desk in case you forget to uncheck the box Ich hoffe dies hilft! Gruss aus den Staaten nach Deutschland
  6. absolutely! I've been fighting spam now for close to 20 years, and even back in the day, double opt-in was suggested to the companies affected by these malicious login attempts. I just don't understand how short the memory of some people is. I am sure some of these IT guys were also affected by these spamming opt-ins... I don't know how an "opt-in check" could work... I have a VPN and am accessing the web from different sites worldwide (at least on my tablet) so if I opt-in at some site, they might log my IP address, and probably ask for a captcha, but anybody can opt me in using a captcha and the IP address would still be as unknown as mine is... unless you mean "opt-in check" = "double-opt-in" just like this stupidity with spotify, where they send an email that somebody created an account, and for me to confirm, but in the end, confirmation is not needed since the account is already created and I receive emails from people logging in from two different sites (Ukraine and US) -- mindblowing 🤯
  7. RobiBue

    Link obfuscation flaw?

    you also need to keep in mind that links nowadays are tracked by the spammer, so if a link is clicked on, the spammer gets a) paid for successful promotion and propagation of the spam. b) if a link is clicked on multiple times, a counter increases and the spammer gets more money. c) a clicked link means the spammer will flood you with even more junk to click on because he now knows that the email address, linked to the tracking code in the link, is active and the user responds/reacts to it. links need to be handled carefully and redirected links even more since the tracking code is hidden in the redirect code. even worse, if the code for the redirect link is changed, the link doesn't (usually) work and is not linked to the actual spammer anymore...
  8. I've been getting one per day, and just today I see the following tidbit at the very end: yeah, sure Rule #1
  9. Thanks for that info gnarlymarley. somewhat I figured it came from somewhere in the path of the mx's/mailservers coming from spamcop, that's why I mentioned "admin" in my post
  10. I hope an admin reads this: I just received re spam report with the following subject line/title: Subject: [WARNING: UNSCANNABLE EXTRACTION FAILED][SpamCop ( id:7052936601]Free - get our most popular daily mail - we think .. what does this mean? [WARNING: UNSCANNABLE EXTRACTION FAILED] here's the SC link just in case, but I see no [WARNING: UNSCANNABLE EXTRACTION FAILED] in there... https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6629574662z324eed2acb847c77c158ebdf4647d185z
  11. How quaint just received a cute email starting with: sorry seekingalpha, 1st I do not recall ever having asked for emails from you, and since you say "it's been a while", there must have been a reason. BTW since I haven't "ever" (at least since November 2005) received an email from you, I would wager to say, you got my email address from somewhere else, so I'll pass, thank you very much So I go check my browsing history (ISO ALPHA-2) is all I get with alpha, and as for websites with passwords (wolframalpha.com) is the only one I have ever logged in, so sorry seekingalpha, your "pitch" doesn't work with me. You are sent to the spam bin and reported nyuknyuknyuk! At the very bottom: Yeah, right! (and they say two positives don't make a negative), like I want to be auto-logged in without my decision... No Way in HE🏑🏒 (pity those hockey sticks are facing left). Also a reason why I do not click on links in emails I don't trust... I thought I'd share this nugget which is taken right from the spammer's playbook
  12. RobiBue

    Change your password in this Forum

    oddly enough, spotify sent me an activation link which I never clicked on, but it seems that whoever created the account was able to log in anyway, twice even... and I am fairly sure that my email account isn't being accessed without my knowledge my email address has definitely been used several times though... there seems to be something badly wrong if spotify sends me a confirmation to activate email and then the activation happens anyway... anyway, that is not spamcop's problem that is Spotify and yes, I ain't a fan of neither certain ways of opt-in/opt-out either
  13. RobiBue

    Change your password in this Forum

    somewhat "indirectly" related to this thread... Somebody in the Ukraine created a spotify account with my gmail address and it received two logins, one from Ukraine and one from the US. the account claimed that whoever "I" am, lives in GB so I logged in as well, noticed that the name was gibberish, changed the password, and kicked everybody who would have been logged in out. In the spotify forum I noticed that Ukrainians wanted their country to be added to the spotify approved list ... sure, creating fake accounts will help them... edit: unless it's Russians using a Ukrainian VPN to keep them from getting approved... edit 2: with Russians I mean Vlad Drac^h^h^h^hPutin's agents...
  14. RobiBue

    Any point in reporting spam from AMAZONAWS?

    interesting read about the ports: https://pepipost.com/blog/smtp-port-25/ and https://pepipost.com/blog/25-465-587-2525-choose-the-right-smtp-port/ the former has a typo where it addresses port 467 (which is wrong as it is port 465) but in either case, that port schould not be used anyway
  15. As gnarlymarley mentioned previously, a tracking URL would be helpful to figure out what’s going on. the tracking URL can be found at the top of the spam processing screen after clicking the button [process spam] below the entry text box.