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  1. Here the link as requested, hope so, https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6464893068z8e13ce9c52946db2653925fc23fd98b3z Also as you can see I do have may gmail account registered. Mailhost name: Gmail/Postini Email address: xxxxxxxxx@gmail.com Hosts/Domains: exprod6mx97.postini.com Relaying IPsv4:
  2. Why is the header, attached to this topic, not recognized by SpamCop as spam? The system tells me "no name, No unique hostname found, Possible forgery, No source IP address found", despite I have registered my Gmail account. Also I can see different URL's which could be responsible for this spam. mcsv.net mailchimp.com Thank you everyone for replay and feedback spam message 1.txt