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  1. Hi Wazoo, Thanks, that answers my question. I was hoping that the mailhost information was also used to inhibit a reporting checkbox to my ISP in the context of spamvertised links when appropriate. Regards, Colin J
  2. Hi, If the IP of one of my mailhosts is the same as the IP of a spamvertised link to one of my web sites, will spamcop recognise that fact and inhibit displaying a checkbox to report the mailhost, or, will it display a report checkbox in the normal way? i.e. does spamcop only recogise message sources as mailhosts or spamvertised sites as well? For example "We have added <your web site> to our web site..." Where <your web site> is a http link to my web site and has the same IP as one of my mailhosts. Regards, Colin J
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    Giving SPAMmers a taste...

    This guy (HillsCap) seems to have some success... see third msg in thread. http://computercops.biz/postt74836.html