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    Spamcop cannot find source IP

    You're right, it would have to be OK by extension of 3056. I am intimately aware of tunneling interfaces and all that, but it didn't occur to me that this is something that would end up in the Received chain of an email. I did some testing for kicks, though. It turns out that emails terminate at this 2002:: address regardless of whether you send your email over v4 or v6. This suggests that the boxes at which these emails terminate neither do end-to-end v4 or end-to-end v6. But this is still speculation. It could be that Google is imposing a v6 format out of sheer convenience.
  2. nzeid

    Spamcop cannot find source IP

    Thank you for the thorough explanation. From my reading, it is in fact a violation of the 6to4 convention to use the private IPv4 space. Or it could simply be that SpamCop doesn't play well with IPv6 at all. But, as you probably agree, it doesn't justify a hard failure for spam reporting. Also, thanks for issuing a report on our behalf.
  3. nzeid

    Spamcop cannot find source IP

    This is a pretty aggressive problem that almost obsoletes SpamCop, and I'm not sure what to make of this particular response. From what I understand reading so far, this header field is broken because the By-domain that Google is injecting is internal crap. But I'm actually impressed this is allowed at all... doesn't the Received field require a "from" section to begin with? If SpamCop already made the leap to handle such non-standard fields, why stop now? It's a small, innocuous change to the parser to simply skip a well-formatted field with consistent (bad) data. And if this kind of header mangling does in fact compromise the entire spam reporting process, why not take this opportunity to voice the dilemma in detail? We're all left scratching our heads wondering how this approach will encourage people to use SpamCop to report spam. If you're not the right person to talk to, to whom can we refer this problem?