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  1. Thanks Jeff, I would like to test the theory according to statistics its bl.ogs/ping.php How would I test blocking it in c-panel? maz
  2. Hi Jeff, Thanks, its been rough, but today I got a little energy;( Sample since this morning. Genuine comments nr. 600 compared to number 3350.
  3. Our comments are being spammed daily with x-rated, pharmacy, ring tones and other spam urls, this is not allowed on our educational site - NO ADVERTISING. Looking at our statistics its comming from bl.ogs/ping.php which has been bought by Yahoo. I tried writing to bl.ogs and Yahoo but receive no reply. Looking at the original date it began the same time authorities put a Joe Job on us (in a cover up). But recently it was upted to 'minor pawn' which tends to tie in with the Google decision. Besides putting a complete block on them; who is in charge there?
  4. Glad to be of assistance - clean sweeping the internet. X-Virus-Scan-Result: Repaired 5617 Trojan.Danmec
  5. Oh what do we have now? So I called the number to call the CIA and its someone's home phone number. Of course I did not open the attachment.
  6. Now I'm getting this as returned spam, and a zip file. Also getting returned mime files. Is it possible that with so much spam rerouting that its picking up viruses along the way before being returned under the fraudalent reply header? More blacklisting
  7. msql command brings it up - no clue as to what I'm looking at. Same thing on the error page coming up, url ends in =system imac safari only goes up to 1.3.1 hence the crashes. rely on donated computers always one system behind, but its been good uptill now. Reported 2.1 instability with Safari before public release. Run out of support end of month, of course something had to slip pass, I'm in trouble for updating while I had the chance.
  8. Wazoo, Queries worked. Safari still crashes on this version, I hoped for standards compliant. I'll do more error checking later. Thank you!
  9. Thank you Wazoo, I appear to understand you better, maybe because I'm more familiar with forums than email. My concern was if system vars page going to an error page, could be interpreted as a hole that may have any email consequence that I was unaware of. I will figure it out, maybe its actually a blessing in disguise that the page is inaccessible. I'm still following up on new returned forged mail headers. Meanwhile member publishing to the large site database has been postponed. Regards
  10. Linux, shared, 2.1.3, I get an error page, and all mysql is working normally. There was a bad scri_pt on the server that had to be fixed causing spam to get through. But that appears to be different from my own problem, it just came up in checking mine. If there was a specific file I'd check the chmod, but I don't think there is one that I know of. Thanks for your help, I'll assume its a block on the server, unless I see other problems.
  11. Wazoo, you know the forum, I haven't got an answer and wondered if its a big issue. In ACP system vars page doesn't come up, I haven't found what to do yet, could it be a cause for concern?
  12. Thank you, Absolutley, that's what I'm saying about the connection. TB was cured in Austria by removing mercury fillings after mercury mines were closed down; Maleria also the hosted parasite. With pollution we are facing a mercury scavenger nematode. It originates in mud or sludge above ground where it vectors through hosts. Statistics between dredging, epidemics and cancer show 80 to 100% correlation, there are no other statistics with that percentage. Epidemics and disease could be controlled through international agreement on airborne sludge. Mercury in vaccines and dental fillings should be eliminated to prevent opportune infection. I am not causing a national security problem if that's why I'm being singled out. I'm sponsored for non-violent social change.
  13. Yesterday didn't sound good, I have a solid mass that won't move, massive glands, my female organs and glands metastisized cancer. My blood tests rose after June when I was infected, lava in my muscles on MRI, and mercury scavenger nematode in my blood, now 117lbs. I have a lot to do and I don't think I have much time to do anything. But I hope researchers follow my lead, although my documentation looks messy, it fits like a jigsaw. I'm not doing chemo, its not the answer, although they think its the only solution, I might try treating for malaria from what I now know. 3rd world countries don't get cancer. I don't want to leave my 'bill to the county' as inheritance. Its too much work for me and lawyers, my only hope is the FBI follow the paper trail.
  14. Maybe they will read the thread, I wrote because they are named in the title of the spam I am receiving.
  15. spamcop to google goes into the spam folder