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  1. tylerpreston

    what should i reply

    I want to reply to an individual reply within a topic, not post a general reply (because what I want to say is only relevant to one reply, not to the whole thread) - how do I do this? Sorry if I have missed something obvious .... Thanks
  2. tylerpreston

    definitely time

    Dang JeffG, those "as Merlyn said" posts are a real pain in this thing. It has to be now that you'll set up the FAQ area, start loading it up with these monsters. and start using the "pointers" .... Way too much scrolling around in here, especially when knowing that "we've" read it many times before, but the all too typical "I've looked everywhere and haven't seen it mentioned" person is definitely going to eat up disk space and chew up users if you have to keep re-posting these things.