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  1. Hi. I rarely post to this forum, or even read it, because I greatly prefer the news groups. About 30 minutes ago, someone on requested my forum password. Of course, the request went to my account, not them, so that's fine, but it puzzled me. I logged in, checked the announcements and saw that the forum account information had been compromised. This greatly surprised me because the the only mention by WazoO on the news group about the forum hack made no mention of losing account information. Could you please tell me how this message board software stores passwords and such? Does it store them in plain text? Encrypted? If so, how is the password secured? Hashed? Hashed with a salt? What kind of hash? [edit: I found the answers to these questions in the "lounge" section.] I don't much care about my email address being leaked, but I need to know if I should change my password here. Also, for those of us spamcop users who hang out mostly in the newsgroup, it would be nice if this information was posted there too.