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  1. Have searched forum archives, wiki, google, everything I can think off - really hope someone here can help me! I'm a long time Spamcop user. Until yesterday I always downloaded mail via POP from a Mac laptop and Mac Desktop both running AppleMail v3.6 & OS10.5.8 and also BlackBerry Storm. Just got a Verizon iPhone and decided to switch to IMAP so I could have access to long term archives on phone (and iPad coming soon) and stop having to BCC all my e-mails so I can see my sent mail on the laptop, desktop and mobile devices no matter where it originated. Switched over the laptop and iPhone last night. Everything seemed fine. Switched Desktop this morning and all hell broke loose. 1) Messages that had not been previously downloaded by the desktop disappeared from the server (luckily they were on the laptop and I've backed them up). How can I get these messages from my laptop back onto the Spamcop server other than forwarding? (I don't want the timestamp to change) 2) Checking mail on laptop after desktop deleted emails resulted in laptop losing the e-mails it had previously downloaded that weren't on the desktop (thank God I backed them up before connecting!). I thought IMAP would sync from computer to server, not just one way? I don't understand this behavior at all! 3) After the desktop checks mail from spamcop, the messages it found show up in webmail greyed out with a line running through the type and a trash can icon next to them. Neither laptop nor iPhone can download them. After the laptop checks mail from spamcop, one or two of the messages it found will appear in webmail greyed & crossed out but others will be fine. Again, anything greyed/crossed out becomes invisible to other devices. Is there any way to undo this greyed/crossed out status and prevent it from happening in the first place? Laptop & desktop both set for identical configurations in AppleMail so I really don't understand why the greyed/crossed out behavior is inconsistent between devices. Desktop used to be set to check every minute. Have set everything to manual check only since this started. Configuration: IMAP connecting to mail.spamcop.net on desktop and laptop and to imap.spamcop.net on iPhone (threads on this forum indicated that was the right thing to do). Have everything configured to NEVER delete from Server (I will do that manually in webmail). Have everything set to store on hard drive for offline access. Does anyone have any idea what's going on or how I can fix it? I am Freaking Out about losing emails permanently and plan to only use webmail to access spamcop til I get this resolved. Thanks in advance for any and all help. I'm sure it'll turn out that I'm a moron but understanding what I did wrong and how to fix it would be invaluable!
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    DNS Issues

    Well, I really don't know anything about this stuff but FWIW, I think we're having the same problem which would indicate that it's probably Spamcop. I can see my e-mails in the Spamcop system using an internet browser but when I try to download those e-mails to my hard drive (Mac 0S10.3.5) using Eudora 6.1, I get an error message that says that the domain name does not exist. Could someone who knows more about this than we do, just confirm that what Nancy and I are experiencing is related to this DNS thing with Spamcop? I'm using mail.spamcop.net in my Eudora settings. Is there a different mail server that I could try pointing Eudora to? Thanks! Jude