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  1. hey how long till the newbie dissapears
  2. i used Linux once as a firewall but everytime i made changes to my 2K server i had to faff about with the linux box and it was dooin ma nut in, never really tried it in conjunction with exchange, would it be advantagious . NOTHING is free !!! i mean its going to have its limmitations, i dont mind paying for things so long as i know i am not throwing my money away, some things are like paying a dog walker to walk my dog and the dog having a certificate in walking people ( catch my drift ) i once blocked all AOL and i never got spam for ages, but then potential Clients could not contact me, i can deal with the spam, my associates can't. thanks for the quick responces though! Antony
  3. Thanks Rudolf, i would pay money however i refuse to pay per mailbox, i run 8 domains on my server some inactive at moment and will have a lot of mailboxes, i think it wrong to charge per mailbox when running a server, but oh well.. i have yet to see any list, where is it is it downloadable, is it possible to integrigate it into MS exchange etc.. Antony
  4. Thanks for putting it in here, ok heres what i have done so far ( over 3 years ) my first mail server was windows 2000 server exchange server 2000 , then decided to purchase and upgrade because i was assured it was safer, but with spammers beeing very clever and me running a buisness, my emails get out there a lot and spammers like to try and *^$$ me off.. So far i just write them down and block them manually , but they just keep relaying off other servers, and not having access to any lists so far its a work in progress.. i was involved in making a host's file wich has nothing to do with emails but popups and web redirects if you are interested http://www.AntonyBrown.com/hosts.txt im sure most people know how to use it if not ask and i will help Antony