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  1. Thanks for your answer, petzl. Yes of course! You are right. I have been in contact with the abuse desk. I hope they will shut the site down eventually. I don't think the owner of the blog is active anymore.
  2. Thank you for your answers! Yes I have a subscription to http://enklabloggen.blogspot.com/ RobiBlue is correct. The spammers are using this site as a delivery engine. However this blogspot site is no longer active and I can't get hold on the owner, and it seems that I can't unsubscribe from it either. I have tried. The only messages from it now are the spammers messages. But even if I subscribed to the site I didn't subscribe to the spammers messages. I just wasn't sure if I could report it or not. I will do as gnarlymarley suggests and report it as spam. Because it's not something between friends and I don't think the owner of the site is sending the spam. But why the owner of the site doesn't do anything about it I don't know. Again thank you for your answers!
  3. Can anyone tell me how to stop spam coming to me through this blogspot site: https;\\enklabloggen,blogspot,com/ I'm getting tired of it. It's always about loans. The spammers post their spam on that site and I can't stop it from coming to my e-mail account. If spam comes through an blogspot account like this, is it still something I can report as spam? I don't want to ruin things by reporting spam that is not something I should report.