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  1. Well, after several hundreds of spam reports I made, I made a mistake report this time. Spamcop report 1367175156 was actually not spam. It did contain spam, but I later realized it was simply an administer notifying me of spam that someone sent with my mail host falsely placed in a Received header. That, plus I also copy/pasted the spam body incorrectly into the spamcop web submission page. Oops. I apologize. Can you disregard spam report 1367175156 ?
  2. hotdlz

    .info urls not being reported

    Since I simply copy/paste the original email (including headers), would it be okay if I just remove the Content-type header? Rather than modifying any headers, I would feel more comfortable just removing that header.
  3. hotdlz

    .info urls not being reported

    I use "pine" on unix as my mail reader. Whenever I get spam, I open up all headers, save the original message as ascii text, then I copy/paste the spam onto spamcop's webpage. These messages have attachments, and my virus protection program immediately dropped the attachments because they contained java scri_pt text with html layers, so I was left with just the original email.
  4. I have been recaiving about 4 spam messages a day from the same spammer (different mail host IPs of course), all which have similar .info URLs, but none of those URL's ISPs are being contacted. Every time I submit this spam, spamcop always says "no links found in body", but there is clearly a link in each body. Here's one of the spam reports I just sent: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z691325306z93...608e359a1a925az If you view the entire message, you can see the link is there. Maybe because it's a .info URL? Maybe because the URL looks fake? Personally I can resolve the URL to an IP address and track down its origin is "Sun Network" in Las Vegas. I wish spamcop would notify them about this spammer.