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  1. I did, however I did not see anything that would help me understand this `Mailhost waiver' unless you mean the bit that says `However other than very general responses I will need you to write to deputies <at> spamcop.net with "mailhosts" in the subject line.' I can do this if no more info is forthcoming in this forum, but I thought I should post here first. Mark Geary
  2. I have several email addresses forwarded to my acm.org address, which is forwarded to my spamcop.net address, which is forwarded to my io.com address. I started to configure my spamcop account for mailhosts. I added my io.com account and everything looked ok. I added my acm.org account and the mailhosts configuration tool told me that it was too complex and suggested several hosts in the io.com domain which might not yet be registered. I registered them without incident, but the acm.org account was still too complex. The other option was to request a waiver, which I did. It was granted, but I still don't understand what that means. Can anyone explain or point me to more detailed docs?