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  1. vl_email

    Database Error

    I, too seem to have the same problem. I can log into Webmail just fine, but when it comes to re-entering my user name and password to access the "Report spam" section it doesn't seem to work. I have even tried resetting my password through the Webmail interface, but it still doesn't seem to work. The user name and password used to access the "Report spam" section worked earlier this afternoon, but now it has stopped working. I wonder what is the cause of this.
  2. I have just configured Outlook Express for IMAP and it seems to work. Thanks for your help.
  3. Is it feasible to upload files from the Outlook Express 5 Inbox folder to a SpamCop Email account?
  4. vl_email

    Merging Accounts

    Thanks for your prompt reply, Jeff.
  5. vl_email

    Merging Accounts

    I just checked my email account for emails from SpamCop and I found out that I spent $15 for a normal reporting-only account, and $30 for a filtered email account.
  6. vl_email

    Merging Accounts

    Sorry for not being clear in asking my question, what I meant was how do you convert from/merge a paid, reporting-only account to a filtered email account?
  7. How do you convert/merge a reporting-only account to a filtered email account?