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  1. It is actually the ISP that has clicked "I refused to bother" on the feedback/answer page, after SpamCop alerted or "bothered" them with a spam email notice. I also get lots of spams from the nic.br, as well as from "I refuse to bother abuse[at]nic.mx"
  2. Thank you for everyone's response. Some clarifications and extra info. 1a. Increase in spam mail after reporting. Some Background Info. No Reply Needed: - I am actually more concerned about "extreme" retaliation, than "some" increase in spam mail. I also understand and have seen a regular and constant increase in spam mail during these past years, plus some spikes at times. I am not referring to these, but to a new average and sustained increase we have experienced in the past 2 weeks of about 200%+, of which there may probably be a reason. - Just FYI. We submit all spam emails we receive to SpamCop, if SpamCop keeps records some of the following could be confirmed. 3 and more weeks ago we used to get about 80 - 100 spam mails everyday. About 2 weeks ago, for one particular domain, we also started submiting all spam sent to this domain's non-existant accounts. This added about another 80 emails a day, bringing it to about 160-180 spam emails a day we received and submitted. From about 2 weeks ago our daily spam mail has steadily increased to now about 300-400 daily received and still submitting. - Noteworthy are: - a) whereas in the past maybe once or twice daily we noticed the same spam email subject/content sent to 2 or 3 different email addresses, and an extremely small proportion of duplicate emails to the same email account, since about 2 weeks ago we started getting bombarded with 10,15, 20, of the same "unique" spam email to the same email accounts. Duplicate the above a few times for a few accounts, plus add all the other regular spam emails, we get the 300-400 daily. - The above spam received is not unfiltered. That is, this is the spam we receive AFTER our email server filters all incoming connections before accepting emails (our email server checks: Spamcop.net's BL relays.ordb.org sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org spam.dnsrbl.net ). If it did not, we would probably be receiving thousands of emails everyday. - c) Problem above seems to have started after submitting all spams received to the mentioned particular domain. - If Spamcop provided statistical information on a per spam reporter account basis, it would really help us, plus confirm any information such as the above. * All above is just FYI. No need for reply. 1b. "about a submit account or option where the submitted spam gets counted in the spamcop black listing, but the spam is not forwarded to the ISP. What is that option?" - As of the current build info, and I believe this is what Wazoo refers, it seems the mole option does no do the above. In the FAQ http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/373.html "SpamCop now offers new and existing users an option to withhold almost all data - registering reports in SpamCop's database, but never sending reports to the "ISP" (all too often, the spammer, or a spam-friendly host)." Specificaly "registering" the mole reports to the database means " SpamCop will then only give information about these "mole" reports as aggregate and unspecific totals." since "Truly consciencious ISPs will still find some value in these aggregate numbers, while the less ethical won't be able to "work the system." ". End result, mole reports get submitted to an agregate report which could be viewed by ISP, but does not get added or weighted in Spamcop's block list. - It would be much more helpful if the mole, or some other option, reports were actually added to the block list, not just to the aggregate statistical totals report. * So my question is still the same. Is there any option where "submitted spam gets counted in the spamcop black listing, but the spam is not forwarded to the ISP." 2. Yes, I was referring to Spamtraps. I would gladly offer new email accounts or even assign over new host domain MX records to and for SpamCop's sole use. My assumption here is that since emails sent to Spamtraps do not get sent to the sending ISPs, but get counted in the block list, that would reduce retaliation from spammers to any of my hosted domains. Plus since the spammers are not getting my reports, it may actually reduce the spam we receive. * If Spamcop is interested, please contact me. 3. Retaliation from spammers is my main concern. I can see that it would be quite manageable to build an application that picks up the domains and email accounts of the complaining reports, then does (all the following could be reusable spamming code) various automated DNS lookups searches for other domains and IPs associated with the complainer, builds a database of all possible email accounts for the above domains, and then bombards all the domains associated, managed, or hosted by the complainer. There would not be any business reason for a spammer to do the above, other than retaliation and to scare reporters from submitting their reports. [of course there could be other retaliations, such as DOS, owning attempts, etc. but the retaliation above would make it more clear to a reporter the cause of the retaliation]. * Just FYI. No need to reply. Thanks to everyone for responding and expressing their opinions!
  3. 1. The more spam emails we submit, the more spam we get. To verify whether this was true, we tested by submitting spam received in some domains, and not submitting for other domains. We have also submitted spam received in specific email accounts while not submitting spam received from other email accounts. The results seems to be that spammers are now punishing us by sending us every day hundreds more spam emails (some spam are just repeats of the same spam 20, 30, 40 times) for those email accounts or domains that we submitted. The more we keep submitting, the more the spam increases. We are a small company and we host various of our and client domains. We use the email method to submit hundreds of spam everyday. We also have our email server check incoming emails against the spamcop bl list. Mentioned somewhere else in this site, is that some ISPs forward the spam copy to the spammers, where then the spammer picks up unique identifying code in the forwarded spam copy, and then know to whom that particular email was sent to. That is how they can retaliate, which seems what is happenning to us. I would like to continue submitting these spams, and continue to have these counted in the Spamcop black list, but do not wish to have these spam forwarded to the ISPs, since it quite seems the spammers are receiving copies of our spam submissions. The "mole" option does not seem to be good for us, since it does not count towards the black listing. Sometime ago I read in this website about a submit account or option where the submitted spam gets counted in the spamcop black listing, but the spam is not forwarded to the ISP. What is that option? 2. This is a question for Spamcop. Spamcop uses certain email addresses where emails sent to that address gets put into the black list, and I believe, not passed to the ISPs. I forgot the name of this method. I would like to volunteer one or more of the email addresses for various domains we host or own. Hope to hear from someone. Thanks,