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  1. I suspected something like that yeah. It's not a huge issue at the moment (i can just add the space manually) but i think some spammers are taking advantage of this in order to evade spamcop reporting as most reports will just use the automated plugins (as i do most of the time)... Oh also interesting to note that the Message-Id header is also missing a space after the colon but is not subject to the same issue, that is really specific to List-Unsubscribe from what i can see.
  2. Here you go https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6475807183z5236b0f8dee8383f688afa7e2f6401faz In this one, removing the List-Unsubscribe allows Spamcop to parse the head properly. (edit) reading more of my past reports i notice another iffy looking header that seems to fail the parsing.. more info coming (edit2) no that's definitely that : List-Unsubscribe:<mailto:leave-31c4v__td0r78@sales2.beterprivate.xyz> For some reason it becomes a lonely 'x' and indeed breaks the message head syntax (probably due to the munging process ?). I do have another iffy header though that is added by my ISP: X-ProXaD-SC: state=spam score=500 But that one seems to be ignored by spamcop, and removing it doesnt solve the issue (edit3) let me paste the original headers here for reference (just masking my address and receive path): Received: (...) X-ProXaD-SC: state=spam score=500 from:Archives de cadeaux<hxpljvexyqmuihlrulhf@sales2.beterprivate.xyz> To: (...) subject:Répondez à notre sondage Free et remportez un cadeau MIME-Version:1.0 Content-Type:text/html; charset="ISO-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding:7bit List-Unsubscribe:<mailto:leave-31c4v__td0r78@sales2.beterprivate.xyz> Message-Id:<LYRIS-l3rsm.0g4ubod-Tue, 24 Jul 2018 12:44:37 +0200@sales2.beterprivate.xyz> Date:Tue, 24 Jul 2018 12:44:37 +0200 Note how Spamcop munges the List-Unsubscribe line entirely
  3. Hello these days i get a lot of spams that have a header similar to this one: List-Unsubscribe:<mailto:leave-7301a__o5j8l0@sales2.leads1.org> Keeping it makes spamcop crash on parsing the head and stop from going through HTML body links. If i remove this header, everything is fine and the whole email is parsed correctly. I am using Thunderbird. There is no carriage return and this happens both when copying the email source or just forwarding the attached email so it's definitely not a formatting issue on my side (maybe Thunderbird ?) Any idea other than removing the header manually from every submission ?