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  1. SC's webmail has a confirmation dialog for submitting spam. Why doesn't it have the same confirmation for releasing and white listing? Please implement an 'Are You Sure?' confirmation dialog for releasing and white listing. To make it easy, here is the code to do so: function Submit(actID) { if (actID == 'spam_report') { if (!window.confirm('Are you sure you wish to report this message as spam?')) { return; } } // begin: new code if (actID == 'sc_relwhite') { if (!window.confirm('Are you sure you wish to release and whitelist this message?')) { return; } } // end: new code if (AnySelected()) { document.messages.actionID.value = actID; document.messages.submit(); } else { window.alert('You must select at least one message first.'); } } PP PS - Some of my original posts on this topic were removed -- the source code in particular was removed. And the other posts were moved to another folder and had the subject lines changed. Therefore, I am reposting this topic.
  2. When using the spamcop webmail interface and then clicking on a email message to view it, about 10% of the time I get the following error message instead of the requested email message: "There was an error viewing the requested message." And when this happens it usually returns focus to the wrong folder, too. (i.e. I will attempt to view a message in my Inbox, but I am returned to the Held Mail folder instead.) Anyone else experiencing this? The frequency of the times I incur this error has been increasing over the last couple of months to the point that it has become more than just an annoyance. I use the latest version of Firefox on both Windows 2000 and XP. PP
  3. Let me specify a few problems with it: * Only 15 addresses displayed per page; and no option to change this. Why can't I just see all of addresses on one page? * There is no way to go to a particular page. The user must hit the 'Next' button to goto their desired page. This morning I had 25 pages in my whitelist (see my follow-up post to find out why so many). Do you know how frustrating it is to hit the 'Next' button 25 times just to get to the last page? (After a while I figured out I could change the 'page=' argument within the URL, but I seriously doubt if the average user would catch on to that.) * If a user deletes an address (let's say on page 25), the system returns the user to the first page therefore causing the user to hit the 'Next' button 25 more times to get back to their desired location. Very frustrating indeed. * There is no way to edit the address itself. A user must delete the address and then add it back if it simply needs to be updated. * There is no way to select all the addresses to delete. A user must manually click EVERY selection checkbox to select them all. Let's see, if I had wanted to delete my entire whitelist this morning, I would have had to manually click 375 checkboxes (25 pages x 15 addresses per page = 375 checkboxes) to delete them. And that doesn't include all the 'Next' button clicks to just get to the desired pages. I spent over a hour cleaning up my whitelist this morning. Whereas if it were a properly designed and user friendly interface it should have taken no more than 2 minutes. The White/Black List Interface Is *NOT* User Friendly at all and is a big time-consumer. For a white/black listing interface, PLEASE implement what SC had before SC implemented the Horde system. Just give us a big text box where we can cut and paste a list of addresses to submit. It certainly would make my life easier. Keep it simple stupid. Or at the very least give us the option to see ALL of our white/black list entries on ONE page. Rant - Over and out. PP
  4. It used to be the NG, spamcop.mail. Then I was informed that some people use the web forum at forum.spamcop.net Then I was informed that I need to use the support email address, support at spamcop.net. Over the last week I have tried all and haven't seen a word back from any support personnel at SC. (Thanks for the other SC users posting though.) Give me a clue guys. PP
  5. For the last two or so weeks, I have noticed that any action I request through SC WebMail is snail slow. Just logging in to SC WebMail usually takes a minute or more for the server to return the contents of my Inbox. And subsequent refreshes of the Inbox usually takes just as long. I am experiencing these slow response times at both my home and work locations which both have high-speed internet connections. Anyone else experiencing this slowness? (Only takes 2 seconds to logoff.) PP
  6. I think that was it. I emptied the trash folder (2300+ items) and set it up to automatically remove trash items older than 2 days (it was setup to use the default of 20 days). After those changes I saw an immediate improvement in performace. Thanks for heading me in the right direction! PP
  7. I think the confusion about the location of the FAQ boils down to the fact that we all have different interpretations of what a "Home Page" is. My definition of a home page is the primary root page of a web site. For this website, I would say that the home page is located here: http://forum.spamcop.net/ If we use my definition, then 'no' there is not a link to a FAQ there. Based on what I have read, I think that the 'turetzsr' interpretation of this site's home page could be the starting page of an individual forum, such as the forum 'SpamCop Email' which is located here: http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showforum=4 If we use what I think is the 'turetzsr' definition of a home page, then 'yes' there is a pinned item noting a FAQ there. And others appear to think we are referring SC's home page, which using my definition would be here: http://spamcop.net/ It appears that we all have different definitions of a home page yet we weren't willing to open our eyes enough to see that maybe others have different interpretations other than our own (this includes me). I hope this concludes our cat fighting so we can continue to pursue resolution of what 'DavidT' so aptly referred to as 'rather spotty support' from actual SC personnel. PP
  8. My sentiment goes out to Steven, too. PP
  9. Just to get you back on track, my post you quoted was to 'turetzsr' who stated clearly that the FAQ was on the *FORUM* home page. I was just trying enlighten 'turetzsr' that "No, the FAQ isn't on the Forum Home Page". I was just trying to help. I certainly wasn't trying to get you back on your doses of Lithium. Take some of your own advice and read things before you post. Who's the b*tch now? PP
  10. Ehh, I did it myself anyway and beat my own challenge: 2 minutes 58 seconds to write and test it. Here it is, now fix it. function Submit(actID) { if (actID == 'spam_report') { if (!window.confirm('Are you sure you wish to report this message as spam?')) { return; } } // START NEW CODE else if (actID == 'sc_relwhite') { if (!window.confirm('Are you sure you wish to release and whitelist the selected message(s)?')) { return; } } // END NEW CODE if (AnySelected()) { document.messages.actionID.value = actID; document.messages.submit(); } else { window.alert('You must select at least one message first.'); } } It took longer to format this forum message than it did to write and test this code. PP
  11. Sometimes I get these notices and sometimes I don't. Would be nice if this were consistent. PP
  12. That link is *NOT* on the home page. You have to actually go into one of the forums to find that. In fact there is not one reference to 'FAQ' on the home page. Having the link to the FAQ located on the home page rather than nested within the forums would actually make more sense, and possibly entice people to actually read and use it. PP
  13. What is *your* usual/average turn around time for getting the 'Spamcop Quick Reporting Data' reports? Again, I have submitted well over 200 spam reports today, but I have rec'd no 'Spamcop Quick Reporting Data' notices back from sc today. But yesterday I rec'd the sc emails as quickly as I could report the spam. It seems very inconsistent. PP
  14. Reason: Lack of communication to customers from a paid email services provider called spamcop. I rarely have support issues. The last time I did the main place to get support was on the NNTP newsgroup spamcop.mail. This has obviously changed, but was I notified about it... no. The only thing I have gotten from SC in my many years as a customer is a renewal notice. Am I really supposed to search the entire spamcop website each time I have a support request just to find out HOW to submit it? I think not. If support options change, then at the very least paid members should be notified of this and shouldn't be left guessing or searching for what to do. Stick that in the FAQ. PP
  15. DT, I appreciate you responding, but at the time of writing this you have been the *only* one that did respond to that particular post. You must have been looking at the responses from another post. I understand your point. Being an experienced software developer for over 25 years, I know that some tasks require much more resources than others. But based on my experience (yes folks, you are now hearing from an expert), I personally believe that implementing the items I requested to the white/black list would take little time and effort. And in the case of adding an 'Are You Sure' dialog for Releasing and Whitelisting ... I can honestly state it would take (me) no more than 5 minutes to implement. I have already looked at the java scri_pt code used to create a confirm dialog for reporting spam, and duplicating that for Releasing and Whitelisting would be a PIECE OF CAKE. That's right SC developers, I'm calling you out! Remember that old game show, "Name That Tune". Well, I've got a new game... it's called "Write That Code". I can write it in less than 5 minutes. Beat that. PP
  16. PeterPepper

    White/Black List Interface Is *NOT* User Friendly

    SC has a confirmation dialog for submitting spam. Why doesn't it have the same confirmation for releasing and whitelisting? This morning I scanned my held mail folder for legit email. After I had cleared it and there was only spam left, I selected all messages and attempted to report them as spam. Unfortunately my wireless mouse had a hiccup and I ended up clicking 'Release and Whitelist' instead. There was no confirmation dialog to make sure I wanted to do this. So I ended up with a cluttered inbox and 222 unwanted spammers' email addresses in my whitelist. I spent over a hour cleaning all this up (see my post on the whitelist interface not being user friendly to find why it took so long). Please implement an 'Are You Sure?' confirmation dialog for releasing and whitelisting. PP