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    Spamcop problem

    Hi JT, That was it. It's the AT&T dns servers. I changed some settings and we appear to be filtering again. Thanks for your help. Regards, Roland
  2. RoSic

    Spamcop problem

    Hi, We use Declude Junkmail to help filter spam from our mail server. The single best test is Spamcop. Unfortuantely, sincely 2/6/04 [at] 4pm eastern time, not a single email has failed the spamcop test and we're now being inundated with spam email. We were filtering around 40% of all incoming mail, now we're lucky if we filter out 5%. Were there any changes at Spamcop? is there something I need to do change my Declude test? Please help. Thanks, Roland