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    Is it really doing any good?

    Does it work? I hope so. At least it keeps the #^% out of my inbox and allows me to sort it at my convenience, and then it does so en masse, rather than 1 at a time, the way it used to be before I paid up and subscribed. A great deal at double the cost! While I still get a few spams that make it through my inbox, fewer are there. Those that make it get reported the old way... A few mails are also held that should go through - but hey, no one's perfect - and some of those domains they are sending through are almost blacklisted anyway (or so I hope) So amid all the discouraged users, here's one who believes you do make a difference. So, THANK YOU. You have recovered some of what is otherwise lost/wasted time. And that's all we have in the end; what's yours worth to you? Keep up the fight!
  2. Midnight Mac

    Piracy reporting

    I have reviewed and searched, but have not found anything similar yet... I'd like to see a personal or temporary blacklist option for webmail spamcop members. I see that there is a "Release and White List" option, but no "Report as spam and Blacklist" option. While the spammers may be hijacking domains and piggybacking as anonymous riders on large corporate servers, so their actions are temporary - this may prevent this blacklist option - but I am getting repeated spams, esp. phishing expeditions for ebay and paypal and non-existent US bank accounts among others, using the same servers, such as Samsung.com's, that at least this will further reduce such material, until such sysops shut them down, or close those ports the spammers are using. I'd also like to see a facility to report such activity directly to the organisation trying to shut them down, such as anti-piracy groups, reportphishing.org, and the various spoof[at]*.com who would like to hear from the community getting such material. At least the most popular/common orgs could be starters as a pilot project. As a conscientious spamcop member, I'm pretty careful about redirecting this sort of e-crement to the right places in hopes that it will be shut down or reduced, I trust the others are too. Midnight Mac