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  1. I feel there should be a checkbox on the spamcop site that will allow you to indicate a spam you are reporting is a phishing attempt. This would then add 'spam[at]uce.gov" to the list of people the spam is reported to. This email address is the "Phishing Department" at the Federal Trade Commission. Another thing that might be useful would be a pulldown that would appear if you indicate the email is a phishing attempt. This box would have banks and places like PayPal listed, and you would select which bank was being spoofed, and that bank's fraud department would be added to the list of people the spam is reported to. From the few I've received and reported in the past few days, it looks like the email address is normally spoof[at]bankdomain. These suggestions, if implemented, could save a lot of time, trouble and money for a lot of people, since all of the right people would be notified right away to get the bad sites offline before people are taken advantage of. Oh... And add 'reportphishing[at]antiphishing.org' to the list of people who would be notified. Chris Chandler, AZ