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  1. I've looked around SpamCop's web pages, but don't see any indication of when the annual subscription on my mail filtering expires. Is there somewhere I can verify this? Thanks.
  2. I get about 30 - 40 messages a day in my Held Mail folder, and in the 16 months I've been using the mail service I have only found a couple of messages that were erroneously filtered. The quantity of Held mail builds up quickly. Every day I have to log into SpamCop, select all the messages, opt for report & trash, then act on the selected option. Ideally, I'd like my SpamCop e-mail filtering to be a set-and-forget service. Can I configure my SpamCop account to automatically report and trash the messages in my Held Mail folder? Further, can I arrange to have the messages in my Trash folder deleted after x days? Thanks.