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    Yahoo! Mailservers Blocklisted

    Thanks Miss Betsy We must have been typing at the same time! Anyhow, FlyLady did state that we need to let SpmaCop know yet how do you do that? Also, the one that bounced back to me was from the local group that I own & moderate. I'm wondering if it's just bouncing anything from Yahoo then now??? I guess I'll be making a phone call to my service provider's customer service. Thanks for your help!!
  2. Momto3

    Yahoo! Mailservers Blocklisted

    Wazoo, Thanks for moving this....I had looked for something about Yahoo groups but didn't find it, that is why I posted it seperately...sorry about that. Anyhow, I'm more confused as ever....I read thru this whole thread and have no clue where the "Whitelist" is. I actually have all of the email address from the Yahoo groups in my "Friends list" but that still hasn't stopped it from being bounced. I, too, have gone to my Yahoo account to see why I got unsubscribed and it stated that it was because of SpamCop and hard bouncing. Also confused with all the lingo. How can I let my emails come thru that I actually sign up for? The main reason why my husband got the MailWasher Program was because of all the porno and drug ads I was getting on my email (now he is getting it on his). I did change my email address because of all the junk I was getting and was also having problems with the emails from the Yahoo groups (being bounced back) with the old email address. The group states to let SpamCop know that they are not spammers and yet I have no idea how to do this. Am I supposed to go back to Yahoo and do something? Go to my service provider? Momto3
  3. Momto3

    Yahoo! Mailservers Blocklisted

    SpamCop blacklisted a Yahoo Group that I belong to, FlyLady.net, and now I cannot receive any daily emails (unless I keep re-applying to FlyLady everyday!!). This seems to happen every few weeks to months and started again this weekend. I have MailWash and have listed the group's email addresses into my friends list and it still bounces back the emails. This is getting quite frustrating!! Especially since I'm a moderator for a local chapter and my own emails keep coming back to me as a bounce! FlyLady.net stated to let SpamCop know that they are not spamming my email account but I cannot seem to find (on SpamCop's site) how to contact them to let them know this. I signed up for the daily emails and have no problem with receiving each email that the group sends. Can anyone help me with this?