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  1. i have been using spamcop on and off for over a decade, i age up last time because i kept being un formed by spamcop that i had not included full headers .... it appears that a few years ago, spammers succeeded in managing to prevent reporters of spam, like myself, from collecting the full headers and so were left unable to post i have just come back to the website today to try and report some new spam, but lo and behold the spam headers are again being "hidden" from me, in that altho i can see them with my own eyes, they do not allow themselves to be `"captured" by copy ... and so the resulting paste only seems to paste partial headers has this ever been addressed on this forum??? it cannot have only happened to me
  2. 8QVvPeCOMzMWSIod

    spam that appears not to reach you

    answer to the first part of your reply - no problem with choosing what to report, think you misunderstood re the reporting 'tool', yes i do need more info bbut this worked satisfactorily for more than a year, and i am quite used to using spamcop.net, it's simply broken as said before, i think i need to find the originator of the action and take it from there peter
  3. 8QVvPeCOMzMWSIod

    spam that appears not to reach you

    i am using Mail, and i was using an action/applescript to automatically report junk emails to spamcop.net i then would get bunches of reports to either send on, or discard but nowadays i don't, so something is broken i have just done it manually on the website and that gave me a report in a few seconds (the action always took a while, and i would receive emails with links for each report) just wondered why it doesn't work anymore, but maybe i should find out who made it and see if they made an update peter
  4. i have used spamcop.net for about a year now 3 or so months ago i was being inundated with spam and decided to move to the 'mole' version of reporting because i was worried that the spammers were taking offense at my observed actions against them i found that the action set up in spam then resulted in no rewports being sent to me (as expected, since it is a 'neutered' versionof spam reporting) however, i have recently decided to have a proper 'go' at the spammmers again and have tried to revert to the pre-mole stage but i am still not receiving any reports from spamcop.net, to approve and indicatethat the spam is real i had a feeling earlier in the year that the action was not working correctly within Safari (i am a mac user running 10.3.7 and using Mail and Safari) how can i get the spam reporting to WORK properly?