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  1. Ever since I started, and thought I'd finished configuring mailhosts, I cannot log into my held email or report spam using the outlook workaround. Whenever I try to reset my password, I get the following error: my_auth_sql:1135 - Can't create a new thread (errno 35). If you are not out of available memory, you can consult the manual for a possible OS-dependent bug What gives?
  2. jimprice@spamcop.net

    authorization code

    And if I don't have that Welcome email?
  3. jimprice@spamcop.net

    authorization code

    I recently installed spam Inspector to help manage my other email addresses. When I report spam, spam Inspector asks if I want to report through Spamcop.net. When I answer "yes", it asks me for my Spamcop.net authorization code. Where can I get that code?
  4. jimprice@spamcop.net

    Spamcop reporting failure

    Recently I have been noticing email showing up in my held mail folder that have no dates or email addresses. When I attempt to report as spam, I get message that IP address can't be found. Is this a new spammer trick?
  5. jimprice@spamcop.net

    Can't get into Held Email folder

    I cannot log into my held email folder. I could not log into this forum either. I had to go through the registration all over again. Helluva way to run a business.