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  1. Many thanks again Steve, I will check it out Cheers Nev
  2. Hi Turetzsr, Many thanks for your reply .. yes, no doubt the "spam will cease" flag times off eventually .. but you probably already understand how incredibly boring and frustrating repeatedly reporting the same ISP gets .. especially when virtually no other ( non .tn ) spam is arriving. More so because these Tunisian mails have been continuously arriving for over two years and I did nothing in the beginning to encourage or invite them. Am I using the SC blacklist and/or a "country" blacklist to tag or block spam from Tunisia? No, I'm not, I wish I could !! Believe me, I have tried every type of combination of filter rules in Mailwasher that I ( not a professional IT wizard ) can think of and that others have suggested, to try to stop these Tunisian based spam mails from even appearing in my Mailwasher Inbox .. with no success. To be able to block the mails from this particular ati.tn ISP and others using .tn ... or mails from Tunisia in general .. I just do not know the method. Any suggestions will be gratefully received. Cheers Nev
  3. Many months ago I posted asking if any other members were suffering from receiving repeated spam mails from varied addresses connected to .tn ( Tunisia ). There was little positive response on the .tn connection, but some valuable help was given for changing some of my settings for better reporting of these mails. Thanks to Mailwasher and SpamCop, the spam I receive has slowed to a trickle, despite having a widely publicised Web presence. However .tn mails still regularly arrive almost daily, as virtually the only spam I do receive. I report them all to SpamCop and First Alert .. but it seems to make little difference. Occasionally I cannot report them because of messages like this received today, the 24th June: Tracking message source: Routing details for [refresh/show] Cached whois for : equipe-reseaux[at]ati.tn pdg[at]ati.tn Using last resort contacts equipe-reseaux[at]ati.tn pdg[at]ati.tn ISP has indicated spam will cease; ISP resolved this issue sometime after 23 June 2009 22:27:02 +0100 Message is 1 hours old. ************* The above ISPs are responsible for sending all the .tn spam to me, from a variety of senders' e-addresses either from .tn or gmail. Does anyone check as to whether an ISP is telling the truth? Despite their many 'this spam will cease' promises .. it doesn't cease !!! Cheers Nev
  4. Aaah, and there was me thinking you were just trying to be clever .. my apologies Although, by explaining yourself fully .. now we all understand that you were trying to be helpful. Seems you have enough personal issues to last a lifetime .. so I won't annoy you further. Good luck to your Mother. Cheers Nev
  5. Gracious felicitations for the illuminating terminological elucidation Wazoo .. The trouble is that with using "correct terminology" all the time .. those readers who are not computer geeks, or natural English speakers, can get quite confused at times. Surely there is a need to reach and help those people such as myself, who are reasonably computer literate, but struggle to understand some of the terminology used on this forum and would prefer "plain English speak" on occasions. I fail to understand why you feel the need to criticise and repeat the information. You use the correct terminology because you understand fully all the nuances associated with it .. that is why you are eligible to be one of the Admin crew. I would suggest that information understandable by the majority is preferable to “tech-speakâ€, only understandable by those who probably don’t need much help. The benefit of using SpamCop is that it is easy to use by even the most amateur computer newbie … of which there must be many amongst the SpamCop forum readers. IMHO .. general help and answers given to questions should be given in an understandable manner, considering all who will be reading them. The more people that use SpamCop and its Forums .. and are not put off of posting or asking simple questions for fear of being corrected for their terminology, just for the sake of it .. the better for us / the worse for the Spammers ! You "turn off the catch-all account" and I ( with the help of my ISP ) will only allow those e-addresses that I wish to be sent to my Inbox. In my very occasional posts, I will continue to use plain English for the benefit of those not so computer-savvy ( er …. technically linguistically fortunate ) as yourself. I wonder who helps who the most ? Cheers Nev This forum is composed of people who have used spamcop and those who are LEARNING about anti-spam efforts.
  6. Perhaps you have already fixed this problem, but I have been similarly targeted and suffered from thousands of "false bounce" messages, until I found out that my ISP allows me to specify that only emails addressed to a certain few of my e-addresses at my domains are allowed to reach my inbox. In other words: Mail sent to info[at]mydomain.com and myname[at]mydomain.com is sent to my Inbox. Mail sent to anythingelse[at]mydomain.com is automatically redirected to the equivalent of junk[at]myisp.com and trashed by my ISP. This simple and very effective action has stopped all this type of extraneous email from cluttering up my inbox. For you and any other people suffering similarly; perhaps your ISPs offer the same filtering service. Cheers Nev
  7. Hi Steve, No, I could not PROVE that point in a court of law .. because I did not take down any actual statistics and spam levels always vary minutely during short test periods .. but I know the overall impression, from the occasional tests I did do without introducing any other security levels, was a general rise in spam received. Having always sent your reports to Cyveillance, you will be unable to judge whether stopping reporting to them would have reduced your ( very fortunately ) minimal levels even further. Also IMHO, it stands to reason that any Spammer would be delighted to know how many of his/her spam mails have been delivered !! Cheers Nev
  8. Congratulations to all involved in getting rid of automatic reporting to Cyveillance !! Although I wish you had listened to the many doubtful voices out here and had done it a long time ago. I too have never trusted them and have always removed the checkmark in their box before submitting reports. The simple fact that in their literature, they say they report successful delivery of spam to the sender ( no doubt including many of the miscreants who have deliberately sent it ) thereby encouraging them to send more !! Over time, NOT reporting spam to Cyveillance actually diminished the amount of spam I received. Coincidentally, with this removal, SpamCop pages are opening 300% faster than normal. Well done guys .. Cheers Nev
  9. Hi All Is anyone else suffering a new menace of loads of spam mails entitled News Reports, News Letter, Special Report or similar ? Mostly containing a list of words similar to this: Lubell rightness scorches nucleus trouser McGinnis monument scoundrel poked numbed silicone relink Rowe strode and sent from a variety of the usual rogue spam forwarding ISPs and a few new ones .. some open proxies, others not .. and arriving in clusters of around 15 or so, all on the same day, which is around once a week. Anyone know anything about them and why they are being sent .. is it just to find working e-mail addresses or what ? Cheers Nev
  10. Nev

    General Questions

    Many thanks for the explanation Miss Betsy, Very interesting .. I am definitely not running my own server .. and cannot think what I could have posted to suggest this .. but I have written to the nice crowd at MailWasher and expect a reply as to their views on the bounce question. Perhaps this has all been debated before, and at length, but it is interesting for me and if anyone wants to know their answer, just say so and I will post it .. or perhaps MailWasher might even post for themselves !! Cheers Nev
  11. Nev

    General Questions

    Oh Heck, More to condsider..... Without Mailwasher I would not have found SpamCop .. and whilst I understand that Mailwasher makes every effort to report spam accurately to the IPSs involved .. the accuracy of their bounced messages I had not considered or previously questioned .. I will find out their views from source. Thanks again folks .. Cheers Nev
  12. Nev

    General Questions

    Gulp .. thanks John .. that's a lot to take in !!! I don't for a moment pretend to understand all your post .. but I will work at it. Neither do I suffer from a flood of spam in my business account .. about 30% all round, which is lessening as time goes by, following my hiding of old e-mail address links, previously easily collectable on my Websites .. Another account, a spare one, receives around 100 totally spam mails daily .. few addressed to me personally, but most as part of alphabetical lists of addressees .. which are deleted and bounced by Mailwasher. Seems my ISP can do little about these ! You cheerily say : "Just use the conservative DNSbls for blockiing .. " OK .. cringe everybody, but please have sympathy with this ignoramus .. here comes the #1 dumb question of the year so far .. er how ? By looking at the Spamhaus Webpage, it seems that it would not be possible from within Mailwasher .. with which I initially and very easily sort the wheat from the chaff, before downloading the genuine mails onto my system. Cheers Nev
  13. Nev

    General Questions

    Hi All, Sorry John, for inadvertantly 'promoting' you .. I was getting my Johns, JTs and GeffGs mixed up from Wazoo's original answer. Remember all these people and their initials etc. are quite familiar to long-time members on here .. but not to me. Sorry for any confusion. I will keep reporting with SpamCop, as you all enthusiastically agree it IS having a positive effect .. and would dearly like to use block lists etc. but I have a world-wide customer base and cannot totally exclude any ISP for fear of missing important mails and orders from new customers. Cheers Nev
  14. Nev

    General Questions

    With the best will in the world, Wazoo my friend .. I have two 500 page Website businesses to run, another 600+ page Site to control and despite using most every trick in the book to minimise spam, am taking time out to report the rubbish I do receive to SpamCop .. there are not enough hours in the day to wipe my proverbial posterior .. no matter trying to fit in learning the finer arts of statistical analysis Here it is 2.35am and I am still at it ! I will leave it to you boffins and trust that we will win one day ... without having the understanding to actually know when from the statistics .. only from the prayed-for lack of spam in my Inboxes. Cheers Nev
  15. Nev

    General Questions

    Thanks for your contribution Steven, I had looked at these pages before but will readily admit to struggling to understand some of the information contained in them. I understand IP addresses and looked up a few of the list toppers to be told they are open proxies .. which I also understand the significance of in general terms. However I, and probably many compuer users who can use SpamCop with ease, but are not into the technical terms, can much more readily recognise ***.whatever as a major transgressor being named and shamed rather than having to take a degree in statistical analysis to understand some of the technical terms and the graphs. This is no criticism of you all in anyway .. rather a failing on my part .. and no, don't worry, I won't ask you to explain them all !! ) Thank you again .. Cheers Nev