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  1. I go to Options > Personal Information > Edit your identities. I then type in something new for "Identity's name:", "Your full name:", and "Your From: address:" and also check "Save sent mail" and choose the "Sent" folder under "Sent mail folder:". I then click "Create". I get the message: The identity "Home" has been saved.. I then click "Compose" but the new Identity is not in the From: menu. I then go back to Options > Personal Information and the new Identity is not under "Your default identity:" nor is it available under "Edit your identities". Why won't it stick? Is this system-wide or just a problem with this account? (I've been able to do this on other accounts in the past) (if it's not affecting everyone, how do I start a trouble ticket?)
  2. Is there any word yet on whether there'll be a beta test. If so where do we sign up? I'm eager to be a guinea pig!
  3. zachariah

    Question re compromised account information

    I posted this in another thread, but it really belongs here. Oh, and ... yes, it's an IPB problem, not spamcop (just to make that totally clear) And ... I take heart in the fact that the addresses lifted from this forum (forum.spamcop.net) will result in numerous spam reports. (it's sad that users on the other forums I visit aren't going to do anything at all about the harvest)
  4. Hey Wazoo, I've been trying to change careers ... ie, I've been in school. I have this summer off, but will be back to minimal-online-status again at the end of August. Thanks for the info, and I can't wait to see the new webmail system ... (I'm about to go looking for details, but...) does anyone know if it will be accessible via https still? edit: hmmm .... I couldn't find any details on the webmail upgrade. Will is still be horde imp? Are there new features? Will I finally have my wife stop bugging me because of the lack of html or pictures in the body of the message? (and if so, will it be able to be switched on or off for people in the addressbook?) edit 2: I noticed the account data compromised thread. I reported this on a couple other forums I visit. I wanted to comment in that thread, but it's locked. Here's what I would have said: I hope no one is too upset about this. This is just the nature of web applications. It was a flaw in the forum software (Invision Power Board) and out of the hands of those who run spamcop. There is a lesson in this: on public forums, use a throw-away-able email address -- always! Then if there is ever another successful attack, you'll just be able to throw away the address and then put in a new one.
  5. Could someone (anyone) please try adding an identity in their webmail and tell me if it stays? Thanks!
  6. (this may be covered in other topics, but I can't tell) I have aliases set up with my hosting company which relay messages to my spamcop.net account. The messages are properly relayed if I specify a different account (like gmail). I get mail addressed directly to my [at]spamcop.net email address. But when the alias points to my [at]spamcop.net account the mail never arrives. There is no bounce ... the mail just simply doesn't arrive (not even in Held Mail). The aliases have been in place for over a year. This just started last night or this morning. Is there currently a problem with the email system?
  7. looks like it was my host (unless someone at spamcop just did something) ... 'cause I had a ticket their also, and the backlogged emials are arriving now
  8. Voice your support for an added smiley (emoticon) which would replace the [at] character on these forums with a yellow [at] smiley -- thereby making posted email addresses un-clickable, and un-spider-able. if not a picture smiley, then maybe it could be auto-replaced with " at " (space-"at"-space).
  9. zachariah

    no-one / someone is responsible

    First, I'm glad you didn't read that as me being in any way rude ... I was kind of fretting it, but didn't know how to word it (without prattling on, myself) -- so, whew, the communication went through ok. Second, It makes so much more sense now that you gave me the other details. I've been taking an intro to fiction course (it's so weird being in class with college sophomores) so my what's-out-of-place and what-could-that-mean detectors are on the high setting right now. I visit a lot of forums, and often race and the military are both topics which are too hot to get any in-depth personal anecdotes (mostly you just get generic hyperbole). I haven't been posting much here in a while, but you're story was too good to keep quiet.
  10. zachariah

    no-one / someone is responsible

    Wazoo, that's a great story. Just one (half-rhetorical) question: What does have to do with the rest of the story that the Captain was "black" or "female"?
  11. I think you are assuming this is Firefox's fault. Firefox could just be revealing another software's bugs. It could just be that the person who sent you the email ... or it could be the horde software not being configured properly. Firefox does its best job to follow standards ... which means if things break, it's usually due to others not following them. You may not be seeing this "problem" in IE, because IE is known to support non standard-compliant code, and fix other's mistakes. As an analogy to what you're doing, it would be like if you couldn't hear someone during a phone call and you just assume it's your crappy Nokia cell phone screwing things up ... when it could actually be the carrier or the other person's phone. But, Nokia has no business building phones which fix errors caused by 3rd parties, rather it's up to those 3rd parties to not provide poor service. Just because IE fixes other people's mistakes doesn't mean it's Firefox's fault you can't access the image. Nothing personal, I am (1) just sticking up for Firefox, and (2) pointing out a (possible) flaw in your thinking. In the end it could be that it really is Firefox's fault, in which case you may want to submit a bug to bugzilla, or better yet discuss it at the mozillazine forums so that people can see if the bug is already being worked on. (BTW, if this had happened to you in IE rather than Firefox, you be SOL right now -- but luckily Firefox is open source and you can tell the developers and the community what your problem is)
  12. zachariah

    Everything is Now F'd up

    Does this have anything to do with the problem? http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5096
  13. http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/ should say: Same goes for the description for "SpamCop Email" so that the what not to post is more clearly separated from what to post.
  14. I got this spam (below) yesterday and it's to #########[at]reports.spamcop.net (yes, # = a number). I reported it just fine in spamcop. How long are these addresses open? Does this happen often? Any other info anyone cares to share? I'm sorry that I don't exactly know what to ask, but I guess I just want to know if I (or spamcop) should be concerned about it. My initiall reaction is that it's not a big deal. ============================================================================== Previewing raw email. Use your browser's back button to return to menu. ============================================================================== Return-Path: <spamcop[at]devnull.spamcop.net> Delivered-To: spamcop-net-[anonymized][at]spamcop.net Received: (qmail 3126 invoked from network); 13 Dec 2004 06:39:00 -0000 Received: from unknown ( by blade2.cesmail.net with QMQP; 13 Dec 2004 06:39:00 -0000 Received: from vmx1.spamcop.net ( by mailgate2.cesmail.net with SMTP; 13 Dec 2004 06:39:00 -0000 Received: from sc-app1.eq.ironport.com (HELO spamcop.net) ( by vmx1.spamcop.net with SMTP; 12 Dec 2004 22:38:46 -0800 X-SpamCop-Return-Path: <spkeumlmqmncsd[at]verizon.net> Return-Path: <spkeumlmqmncsd[at]verizon.net> Received: from vmx2.spamcop.net (sc-smtp2.eq.ironport.com []) by sc-app1.eq.ironport.com (Postfix) with ESMTP id B643CA674FF; Sun, 12 Dec 2004 22:37:10 -0800 (PST) Received: from adsl-69-220-83-43.dsl.covlil.ameritech.net ( by vmx2.spamcop.net with SMTP; 12 Dec 2004 22:37:08 -0800 X-Message-Info: 3xqp08490vvlUE/cuMYywKQjOWClluUHC015SDPk Received: from filthy ( by ypp948.dim.duma.bestseller.artelco.com (InterMail vU. 13-9-453-58-59-055839) with ESMTP id <1901382318.ETOH7389.vi6-mail.exonerate.stole.net.cable.rogers.com[at]crock> for <864624501[at]reports.spamcop.net>; Mon, 13 Dec 2004 10:37:59 +0400 Message-ID: <34510ptfwl531zdad$9987691v43$4g088mqf9[at]toil> Reply-To: "Dick Howard" <spkeumlmqmncsd[at]verizon.net> From: "Dick Howard" <spkeumlmqmncsd[at]verizon.net> To: <#########[at]reports.spamcop.net> Subject: Revollutionaary and new peenjs enlaargment tool! rice Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 08:36:59 +0200 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="--78728506269538557923" X-spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.0.0 (2004-09-13) on blade2.cesmail.net X-spam-Level: X-spam-Status: hits=-76.5 tests=FORGED_RCVD_HELO,HTML_10_20,HTML_MESSAGE, HTML_MIME_NO_HTML_TAG,INFO_TLD,MIME_BOUND_DD_DIGITS,MIME_HTML_ONLY, MIME_HTML_ONLY_MULTI,MPART_ALT_DIFF,RCVD_ILLEGAL_IP,SARE_OBFUENLARGE, UNIQUE_WORDS,URIBL_SBL,URIBL_SC_SURBL,URIBL_WS_SURBL, USER_IN_WHITELIST_TO,X_MESSAGE_INFO version=3.0.0 X-SpamCop-Checked: X-SpamCop-Disposition: Blocked bl.spamcop.net ----78728506269538557923 Content-Type: text/html; Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7Bit Get the new penjjs enlaaaregment devjcce! <br> Right from our doctors, the new device can EXXTEND <br> your tool and gain more inches! <br> <a href="http://www.xtenders.info/in.php?id=jenna"> Enter HERE <br> http://www.xtenders.info/in.php?id=jenna </a> <br> <br> - Dr. Approved <br> - Gain Moore Inchees! <br> - Calculate Your New Tool Size NOW! <br> <br> december midge rule naacp. indispensable stick bassett offhand. truce roadbed schroedinger houston plagued propagandist elbow chortle layton. <br> bumblebee fin bedtime smatter liverpool seam platonism admiralty disco. occurred eve sidewall continuity barry. karol mineral fuzz swain sonora ornery puckish skin phosphoresce. tipsy abash warty costa. nh quantico goblet jaguar wealthy hyphen butane pathogen doff nov lindholm philanthropy avocate. <br> <a href="http://www.xtenders.info/unsubscribe/unsubscribe.html"> take me uff </a> victim selkirk insufferable denude spurge synthesis pious diagnoses decedent inhabitant. immovable c's goleta malign fog effectual typic astarte dang arraign medicine parry. <br> airmen ussr issue lacerta fete impressible counteract pastoral vanquish boredom catenate bruno cocaine. distinct converse sean saloonkeeper bead demerit frog below cute. drummond cactus compelling gadgetry consort fruition divination troposphere duffel. massif foolish anhydrite wince clarke. storeroom yaw descant diocesan somebody'll alsatian potential polar impropriety become. <br> ----78728506269538557923--
  15. ok, so I got another one -- does anyone at spamcop want to know the addresses they're comming in on? I'll PM them to you (and the full source, too) if you want them.
  16. good work, this does indeed seem to be what happened
  17. zachariah

    Problem with imap login

    I noticed it also, but it does seem to be back up after being down a few minutes
  18. I wanted to free up space in my sig for more directly SpamCop related information, but I still feel that more people need to know about this software. My top recommendation for SpamCop users is Thunderbird. Even if you want to use another client most of the time, I recommend having Thunderbird installed so you can properly forward you're mail to SpamCop for reporting. It's also nice because you can tell it to never show you the HTML versions of messages, and more importantly to not load remote images which are used by spammers to track live addresses. That makes it safer to try and see the full headers (or message source code) without accidentally making it worse for yourself. Finally, it uses bayesian spam filters which "learn" as you use them (to catch those final emails which can sometimes slip through SA and SC). Thunderbird, and the rest of the programs are secure alternatives to mainstream programs and using them helps to avoid having your computer being hijacked (potentially in order to be a zombie spam relaying machine). The less machines out there which have been compromised, the better. Firefox (Free and OpenSource Stand-Alone Web Browser) Use it instead of Internet Explorer. Thunderbird (Free and OpenSource Stand-Alone Email Client) Instead of Outlook Express. Mozilla (Free and OpenSource Application Suite) Includes a Web Browser, Email Client, IRC client, and Web Page Maker (WYSIWYG HTML editor) Trillian (Free or $25 for pro version) Multi-Service Chat/IM client, which lets you use AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN/Hotmail, and Yahoo! all from within one program (and without the ads) OpenOffice.org (Free and OpenSource replacement for Microsoft Office) Does most things MS Office does. FileZilla (Free and OpenSource FTP client) Supports SFTP over SSH for secure file transfers. Ad-Aware (Free Spyware/Ad-ware removal tool) Don't forget to run the update checker from within the program so you can detect the latest spyware. Spybot-S&D (Free Spyware/Ad-ware removal tool) Don't forget to run the update checker from within the program so you can detect the latest spyware. ZoneAlarm (Free Software Firewall) Windows Firewall (How to Enable it in XP) Highly Recommended! Windows Update The only safe site to visit with Internet Explorer! Norton AntiVirus ($49.95, plus 19.95/yr.) The best AntiVirus (IMO) and worth the money. Although not my very favorites, these two programs deserve mention because I know so many people who they are their favorites, and they are both free: GAIM (Free, Multi-Service, Multi-Platform client for Chat/IM) AVG (Free AntiVirus - direct link to free version) petzl recommends: IE-SPYAD (Block spamvertised websites) Free & good for parents - for the Internet Exlporer web browser.
  19. that's good news. I do already use a bookmark to get to the Held Mail view, so that part doesn't bother me. I only posted because I was worried from having read the message in Held Mail view that that part was going away -- I'm glad to know that it isn't.
  20. Steve, thank you for the instructions. If Held Mail view goes away, I'll either do that, or more likely I'll stop reporting to spam[at]uce.gov and spamvertised websites . The instructions are obviously more complicated than the way I do it now (which isn't itself ideal, and which now that I'm done with the test I'll post in the How I use spam Cop, A detailed example thread in case it makes a difference), and would appreciate being able to do it this way still.
  21. I would read the whole thread, but I have a midterm to study for, and I am very concerned about the message I saw at http://mailsc.spamcop.net/reportheld?action=heldlog/ which said that "Held Mail view" is going away. My main concern is how will I report spamvertised websites anymore? I also wonder how to set it up to send reports to a third party, such as spam[at]uce.gov, with webmail reporting. You could always do a view source, but I agree, unless it does this it's useless. I find this confusing -- has that message been re-thought and is now no longer going to happen?
  22. zachariah

    Misuse of CAN-SPAM

    Got one today which had this at the beginning and end: If it was an attempt at being legit, then I feel sorry for them. If it was an attempt to fake being legit (by ignoring the fact that the subject is misleading, and the address was acquired illegitimately *) then I I am :angry:. Of course I assume it was an attempt at deceit since it is well established that spammers lie. (* am I just dreaming this or aren't these also criteria for legit spam?)
  23. I've seen spamcop mail servers go down many times in the past (over the past 4 years) and I've never heard of people loosing mail.
  24. zachariah

    Possible WebMail FAQ

    Wazoo, great work! (I'm satisfied with your conclusions)
  25. zachariah

    Possible WebMail FAQ

    two FAQ questions you could add: 1. Why not use https://webmail.spamcop.net when logging into your webmail? There's no reason to not use the secure access to your webmail. In fact it's recommended. (if it's really not recommended, I can't image why that is) (actually this second one is an addition, and may have been discussed in the thread, but I didn't bother to read the whole thing just yet) 2. Why does it take so long to log in? You may have filters set to run when you log in. You might consider setting them to only run when you click the funnel icon.