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  1. This access allows you to report not just the spam's origin, but also finds spamvertised websites in the body of the message and allows you to report them as well -- this is currently not available from within webmail, but may be some day.
  2. zachariah

    Secure Login

    Webmail https://webmail.spamcop.net/ (note the "s") As for POP, it depends on the client, but there should just be a box or two to check to enable it. Its pretty simple in Thunderbird or Mozilla. I use IMAP from Thunderbird and Mozilla, so I can't tell you the POP specifics right now (not that they's help you if you're usign OE or O) It used to be a pain in Eudora to do it (I don't know anymore since I switched to Mozilla), but here's the instructions for IMAP with Eudora: http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/347.html
  3. zachariah

    Multiple Account Renewal

    the results are at the top of this thread now!!
  4. zachariah

    View HTML email

    Yeah, I noticed one today where the headers got scrambled so that the mime for the body was above some tracking headers, and it make the html code appear in the body without the "unnamed" link -- I don't think it would be good for webmail to autocorrect that for us.
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    Multiple Account Renewal

    Ok, I'll email them and post the results to help future users.
  6. zachariah

    View HTML email

    There should be at least one link called "unnamed [text/html] 8.34 KB" (but of course the size will vary) and if you click on the word "unnamed" it will lanch a new window so you can see the HTML formatted message.
  7. zachariah

    Hotmail pickup ....

    the errors mysteriously went away -- I've seen it happen before -- I just wanted to see if it was happening to everyone. (ok, actualy the errors went away, came back, went away .....) I still haven't been able to get my hotmail accounts added to the Mailhosts though. Edit: now they are added!!
  8. I have my whole family signed up with spamcop, but they are terrible at actually going in and reporting the spam they get. I'd like to go in and do it for them, but I'd prefer to not have to check all the time. It would be great if I could tell SpamCop to email me the Held Mail Reports instead of (or in addition to) the account holders.
  9. Actually, I'm still hoping to see the feature (from the frist post in this thread) added ... just to webmail instead of the reporting pages.
  10. oh, my mistake -- What was I thinking?? (edit...) it is indeed in webmail at https://webmail.spamcop.net/horde/imp/spamc...preferences.php under Options -> SpamCop Tools - > Select your email forwarding, change your password or mail reports. should this thread be moved, or should I start a new one in the other forum? (what's proper etiquette for this board?)
  11. But this is configured through the reporting preferences at http://mailsc.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=showadvanced not through webmail. I figured it was a "Julian feature" -- are you sure this req should go to JT?
  12. zachariah

    Database Error

  13. zachariah

    Hotmail pickup ....

    Today (Tuesday 13 April 2004) I started getting this: Error Count | Last Error 2 | Unknown error: 8 (Hotmail) 2 | Unknown error: 8 (Yahoo) 2 | Unknown error: 8 (Hotmail) is it just me? I only noticed because I wanted to set up Mail Hosts and it failed to connect to the Hotmail server.
  14. I forgot to add to my original post that I think it will help keep people's post more in the right forum (since the directions will be clearer). I also forgot to say that it should be simply a matter of adding a couple <br>'s (or <br/>'s if you want to be strict) to the descriptions.
  15. thanks for the replies -- I am now out of the dark and will wait patiently
  16. How do I find out if the appropriate party has indeed seen this suggestion?
  17. zachariah

    General Forum Question

    http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/style_imag...norm_no_dot.gif didn't work, so there's a link (best I could do)
  18. :cool: thanks for the explanation
  19. For a second there I thought my post was deleted (nope, just moved) -- shouldn't there be a message in the "SpamCop Help" forum about this issue (maybe even rather than "Spamcop Email")? -- since that's the appropriate forum, as this is a reporting issue, not a webmail issue. I normally check the newsgroups first, but I am in the process of re-setting up my machine and didn't have a newsreader set up. Now I do and I found the message below. Is it true that the New web-based forums are now the primary method for getting help?
  20. http://mailsc.spamcop.net/reportheld?action=heldlog/ gives me the error message, starting this morning: --- more info: I tried closing browser window, and re logging-in (I don't use the cookies method), and still same problem. Is anyone else seeing this problem? ---- Now I looked at: http://alpha.cesmail.net/graphics/spamstats.gif and I don't see any dropoff -- so it may be me personally. I have been a member for years, and only ever seen this when others have the problem. I can see my held mail from my webmail account and can log in just fine there. ----- Now I tried to log-in with cookies, and still same problem. Also "<nobody>" above is of course my username just anonymized.