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  1. kdcinfo

    [Resolved] Spam Decrease?

    Closer examination showed that the 500+ I was receiving was mostly coming from my second host (giftsforyou.biz/hostasaurus.com), so, their level never changed. Which left the first host. So, I followed up and asked them again... Lo and behold: Host: Me: Host: Although aside from this, they're actually a pretty good hosting company. I just don't care to take chances with an extreme RBL list. I tried the Spamhaus Zen list, and it not only blocked my brother-in-law, but my own domain as well (we're both on the PBL based on our service provider IP blocks). So, all that in mind, I'll be switching hosts within the week. Thanks for your reality checks and input/advice. They are all much appreciated!!
  2. kdcinfo

    [Resolved] Spam Decrease?

    My kdcinfo.com domain is hosted by EnergizedHosting (the ones I inquired with) while my giftsforyou.biz domain is hosted by hostasaurus.com. I've double-checked my catch-all is still turned on for both, and that neither are using host-side filtering applications. I did however find that I had setup some filters on my kdcinfo.com domain, but if memory serves, they've been there for at least near a year.
  3. kdcinfo

    [Resolved] Spam Decrease?

    I noticed around last Tuesday, November 6, 2007, give or take a day, that my spam has been cut by about 75%. However, I can't find any threads or articles related to anyone else experiencing the same thing. I have 2 domains I get spam from, which together, typically got about 2,000+ spams daily. Now, between the both of them, I'm averaging about 500. I asked one of my hosts, and they said they haven't done a thing. I check my mail using MailWasher, so even if they're caught by my rbl lists, I still see them in my charts. I'm doing absolutely nothing differently. Has "anyone" seen a decrease in their levels of spam over the last 1-2 weeks? Or perhaps my hosts did do something, but the guy that replied didn't know about it? But from 2 different hosts... weird. Thanks.
  4. kdcinfo

    '419' advice appreciated...

    Oh, please don't get me wrong. I'm all about reporting 'till my fingers shrivel up. But for a better chance at defeating an enemy is to understand not only the enemy, but what their options are... If people know the spammers can do this and that, perhaps they can think of other ways of approaching the entire situation. Aside from that, being realistic can help avoid the "UGH!!! I keep submitting but nothing is happening" stage.
  5. kdcinfo

    Is it really doing any good?

    I've even suggested a credit system, whereas the sender deposits a penny per e-mail, and if the receiver "accepts" the message, they get that penny back. But it would take a company the size of AOL, Yahoo, or PayPal to implement such a thing. And turns out it might even require its own protocol. But it was a thought, and I don't think new thoughts of trying to kill spam should end until spam is dead.
  6. kdcinfo

    Vurus = Spam==allow reporting

    haha ... wish I could. Got lots of ideas, and no one to implement them haha Sometimes I just hope an idea gets someone else thinking about it so that maybe someone, somewhere can use it as a start (or even a continuation) of something else. I reserve the ones I think I might be able to do myself
  7. kdcinfo

    '419' advice appreciated...

    Well, couple thoughts/questions on that ... Costs him money: What's the cost on regitration? $15 or thereabouts? I've heard that spammers actually (somehow) really do make money ... and enough to make their work continuable. Else, they wouldn't be in business for very long. Makes me sick and my head spin, but somehow this holds water. With 390 registrars, if they were blocked once per day they could still go for over a year. I'm guessing the minimum time to get reported and get banned (by a registrar that cares about more than collecting fees) would take at least 2-3 days. But lets say its 5 days. At day 4 the 'criminal' is setting up another domain with another registrar. But in reality, they could get banned from site A in 3 days, site B in 28 days, site C in 12 days, etc. That's years and years worth of spamming - for just 'one' fake identity. I really don't know a lot about all of this, so these are just the way the knowledge is entering my head as I read things here and there... I will always appreciate having my thoughts corrected where necessary.
  8. kdcinfo

    Vurus = Spam==allow reporting

    Shouldn't/wouldn't/couldn't there just be a "VirusCop"? SpamCop complaints go to Mail Abuse, whereas VirusCop complaints go to Network Security.
  9. kdcinfo

    '419' advice appreciated...

    But even if by chance they did, wouldn't the 'criminal' simply go to another registrar? The list I'm looking at shows 390. http://www.icann.org/registrars/accredited-list.html Keith
  10. kdcinfo

    General Questions

    Firetrust (owner of Mailwasher) still promotes the bounce feature, but now its halfway down the list. The brighter thought is that its no longer one of their bold (marketing) features. Even the original site has it halfway down the page. http://www.firetrust.com/products/pro/ http://www.mailwasher.net I used the bounce 'feature' for a couple months when it was advertised on our local news channel a couple years ago. They sold me. Until I saw my spam wasn't going anywhere. Then I'd heard about spam taking bandwidth, and my bounces were taking just as much bandwidth, and still not getting me anywhere. But, with all its other features, Mailwasher, in my case, and until I find something better, is still extremely useful in controlling my e-mail. I personally believe that the bounce feature should be removed permanently.
  11. kdcinfo

    SPAM and rules

    I think it's more of a perspective of how many spams do you get before all this? If you typically get 500-700, and 100-150 are still getting through, which is my case, I feel I'm doing pretty good. I feel most of these are either fresh, or people like myself don't report them because I spend enough time reporting only adult and adult-related spam. If I also allowed my time to include mortgage quotes, perhaps I would begin getting less of those. I know my adult and adult-related spam has gone down from a few months ago. Not to mention, I feel pretty good for reporting on fresh spam. I try hard to report quickly - I like seeing that "Yum, this spam is fresh" message I only have three spamwalls: 1. My host has one setup which I don't see and have limited control over. 2. Mailwasher blacklist checks (Spamcop and one other) and automatic filtering/removal. 3. Mailwasher personal filter lists (also automatic removal) which probably catch a total of the other two combined. I'm just happy that only 1 or 2 get through to my Outlook in a 2-4 week period. But that's just from the time I hit the Check/Process button in Mailwasher to the time I switch over to Outlook and hit Send/Receive All (about 3-5 seconds).
  12. kdcinfo

    '419' advice appreciated...

    Boy do I have a story about Network Solutions ... but I'll spare you the grief. It was about 1998 or '99, and luckily my host provider was able to get me switched to Tucows.
  13. Well, interestingly enough, I just got one that had one of the same subject lines as the others, and I was fully expecting to see the same "Frank" info. However, although that specific info wasn't there, the info that was there seems pretty close ... and the e-mail contents are exactly the same with the exception of the destination server. http://aujobs.net/rr.php To: bjnic[at]bjtelecom.net Re: http://aujobs.net/spur/enter.php To: bjnic[at]bjtelecom.net This one: Look here: http://aujobs.net/spur/enter.php No thanks: http://aujobs.net/rr.php Old: Look here: http://bp2-rx.com/enter.php No thanks: http://bp2-rx.com/rr.php Perhaps rr.php and enter.php are typical for this type of e-mail spam... or perhaps with all the crack-downs, they've changed servers...?
  14. Most indeed - I'll post whether my flow lets up. I got one last night and this morning, but they weren't from "Frank". They were however both from the "Hanaro" network. But between this news post and the previous one posted earlier yesterday, I for one am EXTREMELY grateful that things are churning. Even if these don't hold or don't turn out for the better, its really nice to see that our governments (both nationally and internationally speaking) are working on it. Thank you for the update Keith
  15. Well, this is interesting. My last report stated: Tracking link: http://bp2-rx.com/enter.php Cannot resolve http://bp2-rx.com/enter.php Tracking link: http://bp2-rx.com/rr.php Cannot resolve http://bp2-rx.com/rr.php Unfortunately, the next ones did resolve Guess the network was clogged...