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    MailWasher Pro

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, Quick reporting has to be set up with Spamcop and then Mailwasher Pro requires some adjustment. After sending an email to Spamcop, the response was: I've turned quick submit on for your account. Simply change the word in the address you forward your spam to from "submit" to "quick", i.e., quick.your-code[at]spam.spamcop.net. Problem solved. Cheers.
  2. colman

    Portscan Intrusion

    This retort is rude and antagonistic. What is your problem?
  3. colman

    Portscan Intrusion

    Don't tell me how I should feel. One intrusion is too many! The attacks have been happening for years and nothing has been done about them. So, now I would like to do Something about this one. Anything would be better than silence. Norton calls it a Portscan intrusion.
  4. colman

    Portscan Intrusion

    Greetings, Last night, my computer received a Portscan Intrusion. The attack was done by a computer with an IP address of Fortunately, my Firewall, Norton, stopped the assault. However, I would like to report the person responsible for the attack. What should I do?
  5. colman

    MailWasher Pro

    Processing one hundred NEW spam messeges per day takes me about two hours. And it is not convenient.
  6. colman

    MailWasher Pro

    MailWasher Pro has been working fine for the past year. Mailwasher has added reporting spam to Spamcop as an extra feature to the software. There are over one hundred spams per day sent to my university email account. Filtering the daily spam with Mailwasher Pro has freed up the time that was spent deleting spam. However, this has done nothing to reduce the amount of daily spam. Spamcop is doing a great service by attacking the problem. Nevertheless, reporting spam with Spamcop is taking up too much of my time: Spamcop AutoResponder sends about one hundred emails everyday to my university email address. Each Spamcop Auto response has links to finish spam reporting. Therefore, I have one hundred spam reports to process daily. How can I reduce my workload?