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  1. Good answer. It seem a bug or still missing V5 checking headers feature, because in this case evidently it doesn't matches legitimate valid domain and user mail headers.
  2. “The SpamCop parser is a tool.. “ but without users which report spam it mean NOTHING! Systems contemplate a potential development tools making simple and practical, why is not use for who have more significant contribution?
  3. Why does the spamcop report always indicated a warning as; verify that the message does not correspond to a spam mail. It does not check the message fields, as the source address which appears as sender? (picture attachment). It is clearly spam mail is masking the source address.
  4. Thanks, sorry another issue added for the related link. Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/H
  5. When I click on link it displayed. Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F173/1 Contact Us
  6. Thanks. spam Munging setting is set as default Does make more strange when it being happens to users where have reported spam mail to Spamcop? Either too Spamcop doesn't call attention?
  7. Thanks. spam Munging setting is set as default
  8. When it report a spam, what sensitive information from reporter is passing or allowing? Long time I being noted about strange situations on my webmail bring up attention such as; Webmail server downfall and took more than 1 week for restoring (enterprise storage array failed into an emergency state) and the other where it caught my attention, becomes after received a few days mail informing to “Threat to your security!” my mail has been hacked. "Having access to messages, social media accounts, and messengers and gotten full dumps of these data." The most striking when I saw my password turning received mail to a veracity. Right away I contacted to webmail support, getting the answers to change immediately and add more complexity to new password, and suggest do not pay or replay to the mail, beyond this is a logic o suppose to do but it seems support doesn’t worry all about this security issues, by make and control an exhaust analysis of the internal security networks and servers virus or whatever compromised basic service and enhance securities issues. Here is the question; I being reporting on Spamcop for a long time about each spam mail received, I do not know what is the criteria of spamcop when inform to ISP spam originator when a spam report has been reporter, if attach sensitive information and what data is passing to the complainant. If so, should take care and given special care because no one will known who is on the other side and if the ISP allows spam catch or know to who reporter the spam mail. Moreover when neither doesn’t know what and who is behind of the spam by hiding and bad intentions. I do not know exactly how are handled about criteria and policies but clearly spam doesn’t cease or reduce not stop and the worst thing what kind of information from the reporter are exposed.
  9. I have post about "ISP has indicated spam will cease" and the same situation come back! It seems ISP cease commitment is always temporally without being any change, over and over it continues coming spam form the same ISP AND allowing spam without any change or enhancement on their spam policies. Therefore as this happens why Spamcop still allowing temporally solve? moreover when anew spam is reported form the same ISP. As clearly spamcop judge old message reported could record if still ISP is still allowing spam mails. THEREFORE SHOULD CHANGE TO PENALIZE WHY SHOULD BE TOLERANT WITH REPORTED ISP AND NO WITH USERS? ALWAYS LOOK USERS WITH MORE SEVERITY BY MENTIONED TO CHECK IF IS spam OR IS RATHER OLD AND SO WITH OTHERS AND ALWAYS BENEFITS to ISP WITH MORE TOLERANCES. ISP has indicated spam will cease; ISP resolved this issue sometime after ‎xx‎/yy‎/zzzz‎ xx‎:yy‎:zz‎ ‎p.m. -0xxx Message is 5 hours old Using abuse net on abuse@................... No abuse net record for ........................ Using best contacts abuse@...................
  10. Ricardo_63

    ISP has indicated spam will cease

    Based on you hypothesis about spam reason is clearly money and can concluded behind system structure is not regardless to a little corporate, without any respect and totally disloyal . Therefore it can concluded component of spammers began from IT managers (how about ISP? no carry out any responsibilities??). If spammer is based about money what is the relationship between normal services as hosting and others and spam extra money? As could be vertical structure, IT manager is the smaller portion of the spam business money share, as it could continues to the top of structure how much is the rate share? Why is not regulated?? who controls ? Are you sure is spam about money?
  11. Ricardo_63

    ISP has indicated spam will cease

    If Spamcop is and owes to: “spam complaints a day and is supported by hundreds of thousands of users, a knowledgeable volunteer community, and a professional staff” Why to be more condescending with ISP?? IT manager should be step forward monitoring system and not contributed to and for spam moreover when increase day by day.
  12. Ricardo_63

    ISP has indicated spam will cease

    Absolutely agree, there where a lot of way and almost in advantage of spammers, therefore should be more stricter on "cease" rules and policies. Without be more stronger and more condescending spammer will always be step forward.
  13. Ricardo_63

    ISP has indicated spam will cease

    Thanks, absolutely agree with your answer
  14. Ricardo_63

    ISP has indicated spam will cease

    Hi and many thanks to everyone.. At first I’m totally agree with Petzl based on the following point; Clearly it seems this situation happens to many users, and it seems administrator action by report backs isn’t enough, moreover when “Anyone can disable SpamCop Block List including spammers” it seems a weak follow up and control from SPAMCOP. By the other way, if my understanding is correct there are 2 way for sending spam; 1. From users could have a Trojan virus on their PC . 2. From ISP servers where could be hacked (by using robot to scan ports and call to software to start send spam mail by using similar as TELNET or others. So regardless to user PC 6 or 8 hour is enough time to stop, but when is regardless to server issue it mean irresponsibility and should be ZERO tolerance.
  15. Many times when reported a spam is rejected by the reason of "ISP has indicated spam will cease... " Because it continues receiving spam from IPS where have indicated as "will cease". Will Spamcop change this action?? no sense if still receiving spam.