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  1. Ok.. sorry .. smtp-in.chilitech.net has three ip addresses associated with it.. but spamcop only saw 63.....3 and 63...106 no 105 (or vs versa.. I forget which... it may have seen 105 and not 106)... so how do I get it to see that third server?
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    Does anyone have a work around for yahoogroups? Some how they keep getting themselves listed by Spamcop. I would like to continue to use spamcop on my mail servers, but also need to do something to not frustrate my users who are using yahoogroups. I have e-mailed yahoogroups, but as I expect, have received no reply.
  3. I just registered with mailhost, however spamcop only detected 2 of 3 of the mailservers ips.... how can I manually add another one?