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    ocn.ad.jp spam

    Not sure who, in this thread, posted the info about the second "Received: from... etc" being used results for a more accurate analysis of the spam, pardon if I've not "explained" the rule/function correctly, but, whomever it was, one or more, you are legends! The information has totally solved the issues we've been having. & while we're handing out cachets, Spamcop has & is resolving spam issues that have plagued our inboxes for years - grateful thanks to the entire SC Team!!
  2. Hello Petzel, thanks for replying, sorry but I' still unclear, what I'm trying to understand is "my (as in yours)SpamCop email address"; when I report spam to Spamcop I use the same email address that the spammers have sent their scummy emails to, so what I'm trying to work out is, do I/should I have an email address that is only for Spamcop? I too report every spam email & even tho I don't know of any ending up jailed I would not be sorry it that was the consequence (for them)! Thanks again.
  3. Hi Petzl, Can I ask for clarification please: "I never use my SpamCop email except... etc", does this mean you don't use your SpamCop email address for anything other than reporting spam emails to SpamCop or.... ? Sorry, but I'm confused, would like to shutdown as many scammers/spammers as possible & don't wish to be providing them with any info that enables them. Thanks in advance.