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    spamcop report

    Thank you for the advise. I have sent off an email to SBC and deputies <at> spamcop.net. We'll see what happens.
  2. manda1

    spamcop report

    Hmm, I am not receiving any reports for an IP I have that has been listed a couple times and I am trying to find out why not as I want to deal with the reason. I would be the contact for pretty much every thing you just stated above and yet ZERO reports... the ip is:
  3. manda1

    spamcop report

    I'm trying to find out why my ip has been blocked a couple times in the past week or so. I own/rent the IP's and don't get any reports for some reason as to why. The IP in question is: I've noticed that on of my web hosting customers has been doing some e-mailing, but I have not got any complaints via any other method, so I'd like to know if his email is causing this or not, so if it is I can put a stop to it. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  4. manda1

    Not receiving any reports

    This is a big company and I actually believed the process they were going to use was confirmed opt-in. I believed the process they would be using was from publishers that they paid to put up these. I even provided them with the wording to put by the checkmark on the websites and the text for the confirmation email, that they are supposed to see and have to click on to confirm. I have copies of all the email correspondence with the salesman. Either I was dupped by them or they get dupped by their publishers. I will certainly deal with that and not BUY anything like that again. I only added one day of the supposed confirmed opt-ins, so I can easily deal with it by deleting them. I understand the concerns of being labeled a spammer and DO NOT want that. That is why I am here. Any further help/advice is appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  5. manda1

    Not receiving any reports

    Thank you for your reply. 1,2 and 3 I had already saw and know about, thanks. #4 Is what I was trying to get to. What I am wondering is why I don't receive a report when these items are reported by a user. Because I have been buying supposed Confirmed opt-ins from opt-media and was trying to see if these were the cause or if one of our web hosting customers were causing a problem. Maybe it's because my email address isn't even listed in arin anywhere? Is there a way to get spamcop to send these to me also or should I get sbc to add my email addy to arin or ? Thanks, Mike
  6. Hi, I don't seem to be receiving reports for my network block, can anyone help tell me why? I just saw a bounce from an email I sent and noticed I was on the SCBL, but never received a report. The IP in question is: I setup an ISP account, but that doesn't help as I still can't tell anything. I want to find out whats getting reported as spam so I can remedy the problem ASAP! Thanks, Mike