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    No new mail arriving

    After so many outages in so brief a time I just have to wonder out loud: Does this outfit care about the time it spends offline? Recent history would inspire the idea of having spare parts on hand. Recent history would inspire thoughts of redundancy other than the redundancy of repeated hardware failure. Recent history would inspire thoughts of RAID to keep the system resilient. And if recent history involves an invasion of the Rasberry Crazy Ant, there's another type of RAID to handle that problem..... ...Gee, I wonder if I should check the box below opposite "Enable email notification of replies?"
  2. FranklinCat

    What about 'picture' spam?

    Am I violating SC reporting rules if I include in the notes to my user defined recipients such as the FDA or the SEC a reference to the contents of the graphic? e.g. "Image contains reference to www.phakepills.com where several drugs are for sale" or "Image contains trading tips promoting XXXX.PK." Technically this is information that my eyes saw rather than SC's parser--should these notes be sent manually?
  3. FranklinCat


    I've noticed that for the moment the problem emails have humorous sender names such as "Unconventional P. Legatees" or "Consisted K. Nymphomaniac" or "Unsovent U. Migrates" . . . . Send these guys to "quick reporting" and deal with the others as you will. You have to look at the preview to find these names in held mail but the other tip-off is that they're selling cheap medicine. Yes, Please! A "cancel" button on top.