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    I signed up for SpamCop sometime in late July. I must say that it is pretty sad when a Big Ten midwestern university (not naming any names) has significantly more downtime than SpamCop. Although I know that, just like any provider, SC has had some downtime, I have never personally experienced it. For $30/month, this service has been a steal. Kudos to the SpamCop crew for their tireless (and reliable) efforts.
  2. Somewhere in this forum, a user asked about sending spam reports to the FTC as an "interested third party". I recall that JeffG responded to this inquiry, saying it was possible, and just required some additional configuration. I was just wondering how to configure our held mail reporting service as such. Reporting spam to the FTC would give slightly more vindication than just sending the reports to the offending relay host. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Eric