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  1. Hi Ooops, sorry just too excited posting after all the anguish this has caused me...lol still a mystery why zonealrm chose to just pick on 5 of my emails when they were working perfectly, I will get onto zonealarm and ask. again thanks for the help. Kev
  2. Wazzoo your a God. It's Zonealrm, I took out the emails and it let me mail and it did not put the ******* zonealrm did not warn and ask 'do you want to allow this', it just put the ***** in. still confused why it only does it on 5 accounts when all my accounts are in the 'vault', but who cares it is working now. could have been a recent zonealrm upgrade. thanks, I know this has been a lot of work for everyone, but when someone gets the ***** and is running zonealrm, the answer will be easy. Maybe into the FAQ thanks everyone ps. I put the addy back into zonealrm and I got the ******** again, so obviously there is a fault because my other emails are not affected in zonealrm. pps. It was also blocking my hotmail and msn accounts, but they were working until 22 sept, so zonealrm has srewed up. out of 17 email accounts stored in zonealarm all were working and 5 started getting blocked with any web page, email proggy and mailwasher. so why zonealrm became choosy I don't care, they are all out of the 'vault' now and are working. Kev
  3. Hi I have not removed the photo's from ripway, i will look at them. I have pm'd Jeff with more info and I did not put the ******* in the top part of the headers, it did have my email addy's. I run zonealrm which stores my emails from being 'stolen' and I will try by removing my email addy, however, I have all my emails in their and only 3 out of my ntl accounts are having this problem, I cannot login to ntl webmail, but I always could before. hopefully Jeff (if he can see my ripwy links I sent him) can throw some ides at it. I tried sending mail via gmail and the same happened, in fact I could invite my problem ntl addy's because gmail said 'not valid email' remember this is how this thread started. I login through members to avoid this, but I don't get any spam,,,none..!!! thanks for the help guys, I hope zonealrm is the culprit, will let you know.
  4. Hi ***update*** Ntl are now blocking there own email addy's sent to another Ntl email addy. I have multiple emaill addy's and I sent myself an email, you will see from the piccy that the two emails are replaced by ******** not by me, but by NTL, you will see above that the return receipt was not accepted obviously because of the ******** Also it is worth mentioning that the only accounts I have this problem with are the accounts I have reported spam thru spamcop, the ones I have not work ok (< maybe paranoia?) EDIT: Wazoo removed the Image link as it appears that the Image file was removed from that server. edit; trying again..Kev I have been told they have anti spam filters (already mentioned here) it is worth mentioning I have had no spam from 15 accounts? but what else am I not getting (legitimate mail) perhaps hope this gets sorted by Ntl Kev
  5. Hi Thanks for the reply. I updated so we might find the problem, I use members now so I don't have a problem but when I try without going thu members I get the same problem with spamcop has I am experiencing elswhere but not everywhere. I use firefox and have all emails stored so I cannot be doing a typo, if it was a character problem it dosent happen everywhere, so why would it be interrmittent? It dosent happen with all my NTL email accounts, only the ones I have reported spam via spamcop (but I can't see how this is the problem unless when my email addy is rejected by a forum they check with NTL first and NTL are saying it is not valid?) I will try on another computer too see if the character theory is the problem. thanks for all the help, I updated so peeps reading with the same problem can try other things. regards Kev
  6. ***Update*** We found out my problem was not cookies, firewall etc etc. However I have had same problems elsewhere when using NTL emails addy's. Some sites that ask for an email addy return a fault saying not a valid email addy, and say the email should be something like (sombody[at]com) this is a problem with a few of my NTL email addy's and the one I used when I reported this problem is one of them. Can anyone tell me if the form I fill in checks the email addy or is it just saying it does not see it has an email that is valid, if it checks then it does it very quickly. That is why I could not log into my account because spamcop could not recognise my email and was saying it was an invalid email addy any ideas at this rate it is back too my hotmail account. thanks Kev ps. on some sites one NTL email addy works and then others don't.
  7. Hi Yes I have and I have all programs (zonealarm, xp) etc too accept cookies, I am not frightened of cookies. by the way my new account with msn addy works so therfore it must not be cookies? I will do what Don said in his last post Thanks Hi Yes I have tried all these options, and like I said my msn account worked but wouldnt let me add NTL in mailhosts and my NTL email account I could not access, it cannot be a configuration problem with my computer if one works and the other does not? I have some more emails from Don trying too resolve this, but like I said I can just login with 'member' addy Thanks Kev
  8. Hi Yes I have other programs but I have them configured right, however, I will check that these are still set right. I have tried all combinations in firefox and like I said it always worked until recently thanks No I don't need cookies I just couldn't get the account to work, but yes the problem is now solved because I will login has you suggest, it is obvious now that it is at my end although may be confusing. I will allow all cookies in any programs checking them and will report back. thanks
  9. Hi Thanks Like I said in my post I had this already set and I tried it with the settings I just followed the instructions and 'allowed' www.spamcop.net and it still does not work. I have cookies allowed from any site, so I can't see why it is now blocking, I always had spamcop in 'allow' anyways, but then it stopped working, maybe I should get on to the firefox forum? thanks for the help. EDIT: Wazoo removed the 'expanded' quote of a previous post ....
  10. Hi Thanks guys for all the help, I have emails from Don and replied, he suggested cookies? I have not changed my settings so I think this would have to be a bug in firefox. I tried logging in at members.spamcop to avoid cookies and it let me into my account. my cookie settings are I did have spamcop in the exceptions, took it out and still no joy. I cleared all cookies and still nothing, like I said before I store all passwords and sites in firefox so I know I did not change anything any suggestions, I have emailed this to Don thanks Kev ps. all other sites requiring cookies have not been affected since I lost access to spamcop. I also tried unclicking the 'originating website only' still nothing.
  11. Hi Yes I have replied to Don and wazoo' emails. thanks all for the help. regards Kev
  12. Hi Thanks I have change the links, told you I wasn't a techy..lol hope it helps? thanks
  13. Hi I have pm'd wazoo with headers of my account and email addy. I try to set up an NTL mailhost with my new MSN account I did this then I got this message. I ask for a password for the account I have had running for ages and I did this. and I get this message. I try to set up a new account I did this. I get this answer with any ntlworld addy's I hope that helps, I cannot think of any other way thanks
  14. Hi I am sorry guys, I am more confused than you. What game? I have sent a more detailed pm to Wazoo hopefully it may explain my problem. I am only trying to use my account for reporting spam, I have given my account details and what I am saying is NTL is not accepted has a mailhost nor when I try a password retreival, also when I opened my new account it would not accept any ntl email addy's so I had to use a MSN one, with this account when I try and set up ntl has a mailhost it says **************************** does not look like a valid email address. (like my first post). I login at http://www.spamcop.net/ and I add fuel at http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=paymenu I want only to reprt spam. (hope that helps, I could send pictures if it is easier) maybe this forum is not the same spamcop I am asking about? By the way, I have an NTL email addy in this forum and there is no problem. I am not techy so if those that are supposed to be cannot ask me the right question in laymans terms then just delete this thread thanks, soryy if I wasted your time. regards
  15. Thanks for the replies. I am just adding 'fuel' for spam reporting. I had an account running for a while now and I had it configured for Ntl and Hotmail mail hosts. But I cannot log into my account anymore because I used an NTL email addy, spam cop does not recognise any of my NTL email accounts, even when I ask for lost passwords (although I use firefox and it remembers them all) I opened a new account and it wont let me register mailhost NTL it say what I posted in my last post. thanks I hope that helps, I am not a techy. regards