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  1. I'm trying to report my held messages from Webmail and it's taking a LONG time to report them... Previously I could just "select all" and click "report as spam" and my held messages would be gone in a minute, maybe two at most. Now it's taking well over 5 minutes and I'm having to re-select "report as spam" two or three times in order to report one page's worth of spam! Are there any problems today?
  2. Jeff: I just renewed my membership yesterday and now I'm unable to log into webmail. I don't think the two are related though as I'm able to POP my mailbox, so I know my account is in good standing. I hope you're able to figure out why my login doesn't work.... And I'm wondering if anyone else is having problems???? Thanks... MrMaxx[at]spamcop.net
  3. mrmaxx

    Subscribed mail ---> Spam

    My suggestion would be to see if you can reach customer service via telephone and ask them to remove your email address from the mailing list. Then, document that on your computer somewhere so that if you report their email and they claim you opted in, you can give a reply to the deputies with a name, date and time you opted out over the phone. But that's just me. :-)
  4. Ok... I just tried it again and it *still* did not work for me. Something weird just happened though... I had two messages selected and manually tried to move them both at once into my "inbox" and got the response "one message released successfully" and was put into my inbox. When I got back to the "held mail" folder, the other message was still there and I was able to manually move IT to the inbox this time... I'm hoping that was just a fluke and not the wave of the future, as that's just as bad as having to white list and move in separate actions!
  5. I dont know why it worked for you, but about the same time as you were posting, I attempted to use it and it did not work.
  6. I, too, just noticed the "release and whitelist" option. I had high hopes for it, as it's been somewhat aggravating to have to white list and then manually move the messages to the "inbox." Unfortunately, on my two messages that I tried it on, it did not work. I don't know if it failed to whitelist, failed to move or failed both. I'm assuming it simply failed to move. Hopefully Jeff can get this figured out and put in the fix! I just renewed so I have faith he'll fix it! :-)
  7. Jeff: Thanks for the ability to whitelist a particular email address, however, it would be nice if things worked more like they used to where there was a single-click to whitelist AND forward to the inbox instead of having to white list and forward in two separate operations. As long as we're talking about whitelisting, it would be very nice to be able to whitelist certain mailing lists which seem to continually have posts held due to regional blocklists. I'm on the Linux Mandrake mailing list and it seems they have a lot of people posting from south america, and I have ALL block lists enabled. I don't really want to have to deselect the brazil blocklist just for one or two posts per day, on the other hand it's rather annoying to have to whitelist each and every person who posts from the region. Sometimes I have to forward multiple messages from the same person and if the mailing list were white-listed, I wouldn't have to do that. Which leads me to my next wish-list item. Once I white-list an email address it would be nice if ALL instances of email from that person in the held mail were auto-forwarded to the inbox. I know that's probably a "bluesky" (almost never going to happen) enhancement request, but it has NO chance of happening if I don't ask. Thanks... Maxx
  8. mrmaxx

    autoforward on whitelist

    I just had to whitelist a bunch of messages, some of which I *know* I have previously white-listed.... all on the same list! Can we PLEASE add a "white list anything to <mailing list>" option??? It would make things SO much easier...
  9. mrmaxx

    autoforward on whitelist

    Wazoo -- I don't think that the current personal whitelist will work because it's always *from* a different person and, unless things have changed, filters only work when you are reading mail on the website, NOT when downloading mail. Which is why I'd like to be able to whitelist *mailing lists* as well as people.
  10. I really don't like this new forum idea. I think it's a step backwards. I'm sorry, but I read mail, etc via an SSH-tunneled VNC session and doing anything "graphical" is a real pain as it's like being on dial-up again, even though my machine at home has a DSL connection. I would hope that you would try to find a way to make the NNTP server post to here so that those of us who prefer a less-graphically intense method of posting can do so. Please remember that not everyone has blazing high-speed internet!