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  1. Turetzsr... I have no idea if they have done that. I may send an email to abuse.net with this info so they can update their records.
  2. OK. Thanks. Next one I get I'll report back up the food chain.
  3. mrmaxx

    reporting BBC.CO.UK

    Thanks, Don! That's exactly what I was suggesting.
  4. I would suggest we disable all reports for BBC.CO.UK or any similar URL, such as "newswww.bbc.co.uk" as they are going to be an innocent bystander.
  5. mrmaxx

    Outlook 2007 problems

    Got a user who's got a brand new (well, several months old) Dell laptop running XP Pro and Office 2007 Pro. Today, he comes in and tells me he's getting an error message trying to download his email. I go in and check the usual suspects -- antivirus, account settings, etc. No luck. I create a new mail account with his settings and try that. No luck. I reboot, in case there was a bad socket or something, no luck. Doing some researcho n Google, I find that there are known issues with inetcomm.dll, so I check for that file on his system and find two copies, both the same version: 6.0.2900.3138, but with vastly different date/time stamps. The version in c:\i386 is dated 6/22/07 and the version in c:\windows\system32 is dated 8/11/04. Wondering if anyone has seen this problem before? I am running Office 2007 Basic on my workstation, and my email is working fine. I know this guy's got email, because I was able to log into the web-based email account as him (it uses Squirrel Mail to do email on the web) and saw he's got a bunch of messages. I even tried setting the timeout to 2 minutes, but I'm still getting the timeout error on his account. Any ideas? Think it may be a corrupt account on the email server or something?
  6. According to whois.nic.or.kr, IP block belongs to skbroadband.com. Contacts are as follows: Admin: ip-adm[at]skbroadband.com Tech: ip-adm[at]skbroadband.com Abuse: abuse[at]skbroadband.com
  7. mrmaxx

    Internet Business killer of 2013

    Amen! Well said! Most people who know me know I have multiple email addresses and if I'm looking for something in particular and I don't get it, I'll go to my held mail folder here on SpamCop and look for it. I also try to review all held email to make sure it's spam before I report it. There have been a few times I"ve caught something that is "Ham" vs "spam" but for the most part 99.999% of the email in the junk folder is spam.
  8. mrmaxx

    reporting BBC.CO.UK

    True... but MY point is that we shouldn't be treating it like we're reporting THEIR website as spam, we should be notifying their "spoof" account instead of any "abuse" account, if at all.
  9. Probably has, based on the new parse.
  10. mrmaxx

    Internet Business killer of 2013

    NO. How about this analogy... if you don't want the cops to come busting in looking for meth you shouldn't live in the same house as someone who buys large quantities of pseudoephedrine. No, I'm sorry. Block lists are here to stay. As long as there are spam-friendly ISPs and spammers, there will be block lists. They are too popular. There are even block lists to block certain countries. Are you saying that since a large majority of spam comes from, say China, we shouldn't block Chinese emails if we don't normally correspond with someone from China??? Sorry, dude... I'm all for block lists. I have to wonder who's ox is being gored, my friend... why are you screaming so loud for SpamCop to stop? Could it be you have an ulterior motive for wanting the SCBL to go away? Maybe you feel the SCBL is cutting into your consulting business? The SCBL is just another tool that mail admins can use to help sort the wheat from the chaff. I, for one, am glad the SCBL exists and am happy to feed it.
  11. mrmaxx

    RIPE Lookup failures

    OK. Just hadn't seen anything from you in a couple weeks, so I didn't know if there'd been a policy change or what. I will resume posting those updates in here.
  12. Is anyone updating the database when we post contacts for RIPE or is there anything in the works to fix the problem of not being able to connect to RIPESTAT? Should we even bother posting contact info in the Routing/Report Address Issues folder? I've not seen anything from Don/SpamCop Admins in a couple weeks even acknowledging our contributions. If nobody is going to bother to hard-code this stuff, I'm not going to bother posting it and just do a user-copied report to the proper admin.
  13. mrmaxx

    wireless routers???

    Yeah, but I'm a Paranoid A$$-wipe. I don't trust my internet provider. I don't want them to be able to log into my modem/router and change settings, etc. I prefer a separate router and modem. Remember -- just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're NOT out to get you!
  14. mrmaxx

    wireless routers???

    What's the best "consumer grade" wireless router and where would you guys recommend buying it? Oh, this is for the US, so keep that in mind. This would be for a reasonably clueful non-tech.
  15. mrmaxx

    wireless routers???

    Just looked at CR. I'm more interested in the "fellow geek opinion." Correction... looked at a site called "consumer research." Consumer Reports doesn't seem to have any ratings. I did Google and find some articles. Mostly they pushed the ultra-high-end stuff that's like $150-200+
  16. It appears that Nobistech has a new host, Digital Ocean. Tracking URL: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5632230850z1...75040ea77c9108z shows that they have a different IP address than the last bunch of spam I got from them. Their new net block is -, but it appears to be hosted on Digital Ocean's servers, as a traceroute from both Canada and Germany led to addresses in the "jd2.org" netblock. Unless they are now calling themselves "Digital Ocean."
  17. And that, for me at least, appears to be now.
  18. Thanks, Farelf. I'll try to remember that next time I see this.
  19. Since the only contact for this netblock bounces, I would suggest going upstream to abuse[at]nn.com.au. Two different traceroutes show that nn.com.au is the direct uplink. Tracking URL: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5627421730z1...1d03ab755e563cz
  20. Tracking URL: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5631083363zf...f117b1d2e9cc9dz Per RIPE, should be reported to "abuse[at]softlayer.com" not HostGator. See: https://stat.ripe.net/
  21. Tracking URL: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5630053519zc...39a588f4589b22z Per RIPE, the abuse address is abuse[at]maastrichtuniversity.nl From https://apps.db.ripe.net/search/query.html#resultsAnchor: remarks: -------------------------------------------------- remarks: Use abuse[at]maastrichtuniversity.nl to report abuse, remarks: spam or security incidents. remarks: --------------------------------------------------
  22. Just got a reply back from Inetmar. They said they have "closed the IP address." Whatever that means. I think that may mean they have removed the spamvertised URL.
  23. Per RIPE, NetBlock belongs to VolgaTelecom. Also per RIPE the proper reporting address is ripe[at]rt.ru The Admin contact is vg[at]mari-el.ru and the Tech contact is km[at]mari-el.ru. Perhaps we report to all three addresses? One other thing ... this is actually a BRANCH of VolgaTelecom. Perhaps we ought to report to the parent company as well -- abuse[at]vt.ru? Tracking URL: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5627630657z3...9aa72ad011ae49z
  24. Per Ripe, IP block belongs to NitroNetworks.NL. They have several reporting addresses, which are as follows: abuse[at]netrouting.eu abuse[at]nitronetworks.nl abuse[at]netrouting.com Tracking URL: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5627630652za...1b3cfef14025a9z
  25. Per RipeStat, is owned by SuperNetwork and the proper reporting address is abuse[at]superhosting.cz. Tracking URL: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5627630646z2...fb685402cc88d8z